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Yogasara - Prabhrta (Gift of the Essence of Yoga):

Yogasara - Prabhrta (Gift of the Essence of Yoga):

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  • Publishers: Bharatiya Jnanpith
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  • Dimensions:8.8' X 5.7'
  • Edition:2003
  • Author:Dr. S. C. Jain
  • Publisher:Bharatiya Jnanpith
  • ISBN:8126308931
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:246
  • From the jacket

    Religion (dharma) basically aims at granting excellent ecstasy and bliss to the jivas. The way leading to this high and noble aim of life is constituted by Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct, which imply an attitude of mind, a comprehension of the necessary principles and an observance of a course of discipline repectively. This represents, in a nutshell, the essence of the Science of Jain Yoga, a gift of which is given by Acharya Amitagati to the soulseeking novices through his highly esteemedd Yogasara-prabhrta. The Acharya follows the traditional plan of dealing with the seven principles (Sapta tattva) of Jaina Philosophy but with a special emphasis on the redemption and uplift of the jivas from the labyrinths of samsara to the perfection and purity of moksa.

    The English rendering and annotation of this valuable work by Dr. S.C. Jain certainly enhances the import of the theme of the original Sanskrit work.


    the self-born Rsabha, appeared on earth for the welfare of the living beings , possessing the knowledge, righteousness, and was majestic. He possessed the eyes through which he could remove the darkness like the moon rays. Prajapati, at the start of the earth, getting desirous of the survival, initiated into it farming and several other vocations among the people. Realising the truth of the substances and objects, he again infused astonisting splendour in its. He was not involved in worldly attachments, was quite detached, the wisest and the noblest of all. Lord Rsabha, who had full control of all the senses, and was fully competent and independent, tolerant to all impediments, infallible in the Iksavaku dynasty, desirous of attaining Moksa, renounced his vast kindom, extending upto the ocean and his family and himself turned into a recluse and achieved sainthood.

    The Jaina doctrines may be broadly divided into two schools viz. philosophical and practical. These schools of philosophy contain ontology, metaphysics and psychology. The practical doctrines are covered under ethics and ascetism, monasticism and the life of laity.


    Chapter 1  
            Jivadhikara : On Jiva - Soul 21
    Chapter 2  
            Ajivadhikara : On Ajiva - Nonsoul 53
    Chapter 3  
            Asravadhikara : On Influx of Karmas 80
    Chapter 4  
            Bandhadhikara : On Bondage of Karmas 97
    Chapter 5  
            Samvaradhikara : On Check of Karmas 113
    Chapter 6  
            Nirjaradhikara : On Expulsion of Karmas 135
    Chapter 7  
            Moksadhikara : On Liberation 151
    Chapter 8  
            Charitradhikara : On Conduct 171
    Chapter 9  
            Chulikadhikara : On The Apex 209


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