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Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Kriyas)

Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Kriyas)



  • Dimensions:8.5' X 5.6'
  • Edition:2008
  • Publisher:Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan Trust
  • ISBN:8189248006
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:88 (Illustrated Throughout in Color & B/W)
  • Introduction

    Swami Vivekananda proclaimed 'each soul is potentially Divine. The goal is to manifest this Divinity within, by controlling Nature – external and internal. Do it either by work or worship, psychic control or philosophy; by one or more, or all of these and be free.' The systematic methodology of unfoldment of this inner potential Divinity, by moving towards Self-perfection is referred to as Yoga by Sri Aurobindo. Yoga is thus a process by which the Animal-man ascends through the stages Man-man, Super-man and the Divine-man. In this process, the limited, narrow, selfish thinking completely changes and takes the shape of an integrated, all-encompassing, selfless character expressed by equanimity. This state of Divinity or Self-perfection is the state of pure consciousness, maximum creativity and bliss. Hence, the movement towards THAT through Yoga is a delightful, blissful process. Since every individual or society is always striving to achieve greater happiness, bliss, creativity and higher mental faculties, Yoga clearly is the real solution, both for individual fulfillment and social harmony.

    Divergent are the methods of Yoga. Unless one sees the underlying unity and harmony, one is apt to lose track amidst diversities. Once the insight into the Unity in Diversity develops, the truth about the comprehensive nature of Yoga emerges. This central note of harmony was emphatically sounded in the speeches of Swami Vivekananda. He called for men with muscles of iron and nerves of steel. Sri Aurobindo laid stress on a comprehensive growth of personality, at the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. The present courses on Yogic practices offered by the Kendra are tailored for an all round development of the physical, mental and vital components of man.

    First, some loosening and stretching exercises called Sithilikarana Vyayama are introduced which helps to make the body supple and flexible so that they aid in Asanas that are designed to conserve the energies and transform them to subtle forms of mental energies. The Asanas also provide a means to develop an inner awareness thus aiding in calming down the mind. The Cleaning Techniques, Kriyas help to bring about a balanced functioning of the body, thereby purifying the subtle 'Nadis'. These techniques prepare the individual for practicing Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas.

    This booklet of instruction introduces only some of the aspects mentioned above and is by no means exhaustive. While it covers no theoretical ground, the material is purely instructive in nature meant to help people in the practice of loosening exercises, these practices one gets a preparatory training for pursuing higher techniques leading to states of increasing harmony and bliss.




      Introduction 1
      Prayers 3
    I. Loosening Exercises  
    1. Jogging, Mukha Dhouti 4
    2. Loosening of Ankle Joints 5
    3. Loosening of Knee Joints 5
    4. Loosening of Hip Joints 5
    5. Padasancalana 5
    6. Front and Back Bending 6
    7. Side Bending and Twisting of waist 6
    8. Rotation for Shoulder-Joints 7
    9. Neck-Stretch, Tiger-Stretch, Back-Stretch 8
    10. Breathing Exercises 9
    II. Kriyas  
    1. Kapala Bhati 11
    2. Neti 12
    3. Dhouti 14
    4. Nauli 16
    5. Trataka 18
    6. Viparitakarani 19
    7. Sankhapraksalana 20
    8. Pavanamuktasana knya 22
    III. Yogasanas  
    1. Suryanamaskara 24
    2. Ardhakaticakrasana 28
    3. Pada Hastasana 29
    4. Ardhacakrasana 32
    5. Trikonasana 33
    6. Parivritta Trikonasana 35
    7. Parsvakonasana 37
    8. Vajrasana 39
    9. Sasankasana 41
    10. Suptavajrasana 43
    11. Pascimatanasana 44
    12. Ustrasana 46
    13. Ardhamatsyendrasana 48
    14. Vakrasana 50
    15. Padmasana 51
    16. Makarasana 52
    17. Bhujangasana 54
    18. Salabhasana 55
    19. Dhanurasana 57
    20. Sarvangasana 58
    21. Matsyasana 60
    22. Halasana 62
    23. Cakrasana 64
    24. Savasana 65
    IV. Pranayama  
    1. Sectional Breathing 67
    2. Bhastrika 68
    3. Anuloma-Viloma 69
    4. Candra Surya Anuloma-Viloma 70
    5. Surya Bhedana 70
    6. Candra Bhedana, Nadi Suddhi 71
    7. Ujjayi 72
    8. Sitkari, Sitali 73
    9. Sadanta, Bhramari 74
    V. Bandhas and Mudras  
    1. Uddiyana Bandha 75
    2. Jalandhana Bandha, Mula Bandha 76
    3. Asvini Mudra, Sanmukhi Mudra 77
    4. Yoga Mudra 78
    5. Some Minor Mudras 79
    6. Epilogue 80
    7. General Yoga Schedule 81

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