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Yajnavalkya Smriti: With Notes on Each Verse

Yajnavalkya Smriti: With Notes on Each Verse



  • Dimensions:10.0 Inch X 7.0 Inch
  • Edition:2006
  • Author:Daivajna K.N. Somaya Ji
  • Publisher:Kalpatharu Research Academy, Bengaluru
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:206
  • Back of the Book

    The Kalpatharu Research Academy, Bangalore is an Institution running with the benign blessings of His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji under the auspicious of Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Established in 1981. Kalpatharu Research Academy has stride across the horizon of Indological Research and Publications with giant steps, and today stands as an Institution known for its unique quality of Research work.

    Kalpatharu Research Academy is dedicated to the cause of preservation of ancient heritage of India; it has encouraged Research in the fields of Agama, Veda, Tantra, Jyoutisha, Mantra Sastra, Vaastu, Yoga, Silpa, and Ayurveda etc.

    Among its prestigious publications (numbering more than Hundred till now), are Six Volâs. of Pratima-Kosha, Twelve Volâs of Agama-Kosha, Three Volâs of the Art & Architecture of Indian Temples, Vastu-Silpa-Kosha in three Volãs, Devata-rupa-mala in Four Volâs and several Koshas like Ganesha-Kosha, Lalita-Kosha and Navagraha-Kosha, Oshadhi-Kosha, SalagramaKosha, Gita-Kosha, Hanumat-Kosha, Vanaspathi Kosha etc.

    The Academy has plans of undertaking intensive Research in the field of Veda and Vedanga, and intends publishing aBharatiya-Samskriti-Sarvasva-Koshaa an encyclopedic work in several volumes dealing with all aspects of Indian Tradition & Culture. It seeks to promote Education, Culture, and Science, Art and learning in all its branches. The approach will be broad based and multi disciplinary.

    An extensive, comprehensive and specialist reference library has been built up to assist the Research Workers in the Indological disciplines. A valuable collection of Palm Leaf manuscripts relating to Veda, Vedanta, Vedanga and allied subjects has already been made; the collection work is continuing.

    Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham has been running a Guru-Kula type of Institution on traditional lines to impart Vedic Education at several places. Some of these Institutions are over 100 years old. It is the intention of Kalpatharu Research Academy to take an active part in continuing this age-old tradition and act as the Research & Publication wing for these Institutions. Our ambition is to develop as a National Center for higher learning in Veda, Vedanga and Shastras and facilitate the propagation of unique Sanskrit and Vedic texts in the National and International arena.

    This Publication is the 125th of its achievement in this field.


    The Kalpatharu Research Academy which was established in 1981 has publishing more than a hundred books on subjects pertaining to Indian Heritage and culture made a name for itself. It publication include books on temple rituals temple architecture temple art Vedic studies and on Indian culture in general. It has also brought out sixteen volumes on Rgveda that have been written by Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao.

    We are grateful to the revered his holiness Sri Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji Jagadguru of Sringeri Sharada Peetham who as the chief patron of the Academy showers his blessings on us. We are also grateful to Shri V.R. Gowrishankar Administrator of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham and chairman of the Academy.

    We are also beholden to the generous financial assistance from the Ministry of Human Resources Development department of Education Govt. of India New Delhi and Dept. of Education govt. of Karnataka Bangalore.


    Chapter I
    (On Religious and Moral Observances)
    Brahacharin 1
    Samavartanam 15
    Marriage 16
    Disquisition about classes castes & C. 24
    Duties of a householder 26
    Duties of a student 33
    Things fit and unfit to be eaten 40
    Purification of things 43
    Gifts 46
    Oblations to the Manes 49
    Worship of Ganapati 59
    Propitiatory rite for Grahas (Planets) 62
    The Duties of a king 64
    Chapter II
    (Civil Judicature)
    General 72
    Recovery of Debts 78
    Deposit 83
    Witnesses 84
    Writings 87
    Ordeals 89
    Partition of Heritage 92
    Boundary disputes 111
    Master and Herdsman 113
    Sale Without ownership 115
    Resumption of gift 117
    Rescission of purchase 118
    Breach of a service contract 119
    Transgression of a compact 120
    Non Payment of wages 122
    Gambling and prize fighting 124
    Abuse 125
    Assault 127
    Sahasa (Heinous offences) 131
    Concerns among partners 137
    Theft 139
    Adultery 143
    Miscellaneous 146
    Chapter III
    Impurities 149
    Duties under distress 155
    Duties of a vanaprastha 157
    Duties of a yati (ascetic) 159
    Drinking 184
    Theft of gold 184
    Violation of the preceptor’s bed 185
    Penance for intercourse with a sinner 185
    Secondary sins 186
    Miscellaneous 190
    Abandonment of the degraded 191
    Secret Expiation 192
    Definitions of penances 193
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