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Vishnu and His Avatars

Vishnu and His Avatars

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  • Publishers: Bookwise (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Dimensions:11.2' X 8.8'
  • Edition:2004
  • Author:Ganga Somany
  • Publisher:Bookwise (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN:9788187330097
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:112 (Color Illus: 104)
  • From the Jacket:

    Vishnu, the Lord of preservation in the Hindu trinity, incarnates himself on earth to uplift the virtuous and vanquish the wicked. Each of his ten appearances came as the need of the hour and in response to the sincere yearning of pious souls. Through each and every avatar he revealed the deepest philosophy and practical guidelines on how to live well while fulfilling the destiny of an exalted human birth. These exemplary stories are not of a religious dogma but a highly symbolic and rich thesis about life's journey.

    The tales offer great insight to readers of any religious persuasion. Vishnu and His Avatars will also be appreciated by lovers of art and mythology as a unique collection. The text has been freely referenced from scriptures. The reproductions of classic paintings and sculptures have been meticulously collected by the author from many sources in India and abroad.

    Editor's Note:

    The transliteration of Hindi words has been rendered in common spelling to facilitate the reader with a familiarity of terms yet retaining an easy flow. Sometimes alternative spellings are used according to the source from which material had been taken.


    About the Author:

    Ganga Somany, the daughter of the late Brijmohan Birla and wife of the late O.M. Somany, is a graduate of Loreto College, Kolkata.

    From an early age she had a keen interest in writing and painting, which led to the authorship of several books. World Religions concerns the holy creeds, culture and festivals of the ten major religions. Hinduism is a pictorial exploration of one of the world's oldest religious philosophies beginning with the question, What is a Hindu?. The Rainbow Treasury of Enchanted Tales is an inspiring book which deals with the basic truths, generosity and valour which unite mankind. Shiva and Shakti is a unique collection of classical art reproductions, myths, legends and religious concepts.

    Mrs. Somany has had several solo exhibitions of her oil paintings which have been inspired by her own religious background and by the European old masters. Her paintings will be permanently displayed in the Art Gallery at the Birla Science Museum in Jaipur.

    In association with Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, she has established a charitable school, medical clinic and adult vocational training centre for women in Kolkata.


    Introduction 1
    Trimurti 2
    Creation Myths 3
    Markandeya 4
    Golden Egg 4
    Bala Mukunda 6
    Yugas 7
    Vaikuntha 8
            Sri and Bhudevi
    Churning of the Ocean 14
            Legend of Guha
            Legend of Mohini
            Lord Ayyappan
    Vedic and other early Myths 20
    Vishnu in early History 21
    Heroic origins of Vishnu 22
    Attributes of Vishnu 22
            Ornaments and Weapons 26
    Avatars 26
            Matsya 28
            Kurma 30
            Varaha 32
            Narsimha 36
            Vamana 38
            Parashurama 42
            Rama 43
            Krishna 55
            Buddha 70
            Kalki 77
    Shaligram 78
    Vishnu's footprints 78
    Stories connected with Vishnu 78
    Vaishnavism 87
    Vaishnavites 87
            Bhakti cult 92
            Medieval mystics 94
    Vishnu's Maya 94
            Narada 96
    Mythology and Art 98
            The artist's vision 99
    Temples 101
    Glossary 102
    Photo credits 105
    Bibliography 105
    Acknowledgements 105

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