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Vedanta Seven Steps to Samadhi (Talks on Indian Mysticism)

Vedanta Seven Steps to Samadhi (Talks on Indian Mysticism)

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  • Publishers: Tao Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Dimensions:8.6' X 6.6'
  • Edition:2006
  • Author:Osho
  • Publisher:Tao Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN:8172610128
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:430
  • About Osho

    Osho defies categorization, reflecting everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today. His books are not written but are transcribed from recordings of extemporaneous talks given over a period of thirty-five years. Osho has been described by the Sunday Times in London as one of the ''1000 Makers of the 20th Century'' and by Sunday Mid-Day in India as one of the ten people - along with Gandhi, Nehru and Buddha - who have changed the destiny of India.

    Osho has a stated aim of helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being, characterized as ''Zorba the Buddha'' - one whose feet are firmly on the ground, yet whose hands can touch the stars. Running like a thread through all aspects of Osho is a vision that encompasses both the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology.

    He is synonymous with a revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation and an approach to meditation which specifically addresses the accelerated pace of contemporary life. The unique Osho Active Meditations are designed to allow the release of accumulated stress in the body and mind so that it is easier to be still and experience the thought-free state of meditation.

    From the Jacket

    For over 35 years, Osho ahs spoken to international audiences of seeker, addressing their essential questions and concerns. The international press calls him ''A 21st Century Prophet'' and ''an oracle of modern times.'' His books and audio lectures are international bestsellers.

    Osho himself says that he is neither a prophet nor a philosopher; he is simply sharing his own experience; he is simply sharing his own experience. The Sunday Times of London described him as ''one of the 1000 makers of the 20th century'' and American author Tom Robbins has called him ''the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ'' - both comments reflecting the profound influence of his revolutionary approach to the science of inner transformation.

    Spoken with authority, clarity, sharpness and humor, his insights address both the timeless and timely concerns that tend to escape our notice in the clamor and overload of daily life.

    1 Towards the Truth 1
    2 Attaining Real Eyes 33
    3 With Your Total Heart 55
    4 The Supreme Knowledge 79
    5 In Deep Patience 105
    6 With the Grace of the Sage 127
    7 You Become the Offering 151
    8 The Unwavering Mind 171
    9 The Means is the End 199
    10 Sublime is the Spontaneous 223
    11 One in the many 247
    12 Only Knowing Remains 267
    13 When the Coin Disappears 295
    14 The Motionless Flame of the Lamp 317
    15 God Seeks You 347
    16 The Art of Dying 371
    17 Valleys and Peaks 399
    About Osho 423
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