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Vedanta and Advaita Shaivagama of Kashmir: A Comparative Study

Vedanta and Advaita Shaivagama of Kashmir: A Comparative Study



  • Dimensions:6.9' X 4.7'
  • Edition:2010
  • Author:Dr. Jayadeva Singh
  • Publisher:The Ramkrishna mission Institute of Culture
  • ISBN:9788187332930
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:41
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    All have admitted that it is the Upanishads which constitute Vedanta. In fact, Brahman and atman are synonymous in the Upanishads. This is clear from the four mahavakyas (great statements) of the Upanishads.... When the jiva recognizes the metaphysical self, he is freed from sorrows. Finally the Upanishads speak of realization of Brahman by means of sadhana.

    The Para Advaita Philosophy of Shaivagama is a religio-philosophical system which is elaborated mostly in the Pratyabhijna darshana. Pratyabhijna is so called because the main emphasis in this philosophy is on the recognition of the Self. Shiva voluntarily a s Self-veiling by His tirodhana shskti and becomes a jiva.the problem for the jiva is to recognige his self Shiva.



    Dr. Jaideva Singh is a much respected name as an exponent of Indian music. His contributions in these fields are rich and varied. But , above all he is a lovable person. A stranger may talk to him for hours without for a moment suspecting that he is talking to a great scholar. Simple and modest in his habits, kind and generous, he is a true representative of the old-time Indian scholars.

    Sometime in December 1984, Dr Singh gave three Banka Bihari-Hemangini Pal memorial lectures at the institute, one devoted to Vedanta in general and the other two devoted to the Para-Advaita philosophy of Saivagama in particular. These lectures were highly appreciated by the audiences. It was then felt that it would be a good idea to publish. Hence this booklet. Mr. Jagadiswar Pal, son of the late Banka Bihai and Hemangini Pal, has paid for the printing of this booklet. He has also funded the memorial lectures which Dr. Singh gave.

    The Ramakrishna Mission
    Institute of Culture
    Gol Park, Calcutta 700029
    20 August 1985

    Swami Lokeswarananda


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