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The Relevance of Vedanta in This Modern Age of Civilization

The Relevance of Vedanta in This Modern Age of Civilization



  • Dimensions:8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
  • Edition:1988
  • Author:Swami Satchidaanandendra Saraswati
  • Publisher:Adhyatma Prakashan Karyalaya, Bangalore
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:72
  • Preface

    This is the first of a series of small books under the head - Satchidaananda Vaak-Jyoti or “The Enlightening Words of Satchidaananda. All these book booklets contain a free transliteration of the enlightening and immortal words and teachings' of Shri Satchidaanandendra Swamiji, of revered memory. found in his numerous Kannada books. Those readers who do not have the facility and advantage of reading and understanding books in the Kannada language will be immensely benefited by these English publications written in simple language and style.

    Having been profoundly influenced and having benefited immensely, I have mooted this small plan of publishing these 'gems of spiritual literature'. unrivalled in their esoteric import and teachings of the highest order and based on the pristine pure original Bhashyas of Adi Shankara. It is an irony of our times that even that great Acharya's immaculate teachings of Atmavidya or Self-Knowledge - purely based on the strength of the Upanishadic statements, culmination or consummation of all those teachings in one's own Intuitive experience here and now - have been distorted beyond recognition and redemption.

    The devoted and discerning seeker of the Ultimate Reality of Atman or the Self, of the essential nature of Pure Being-Consciousness (Intuition), is sure to benefit a great deal by studying and cognizing the truths that are taught in these booklets, adopting a well-planned sequential order so as to enable him to get rid of many 8 deep-rooted misconception that was hitherto proving to be a stumbling block in his path of spiritual progress. It can be affirmed here that if the student honestly applies his mind and intellect and devotes all his efforts and energies with a high sense of purpose and perseverance, he will never fait to get the conviction and complete satisfaction accruing from this lofty pursuit.

    To cater to the needs of young and immature minds of our present age of nuclear science this first book has tackled the problem of - The Relevance of Vedanta in this Modern Age of Civilization - from first principles. so to speak, and if only it kindles a spark of genuine interest and taste in this highly developed Science of Spirituality among its readers my objective of publishing these books purely for the sake of propagation without any profit-motive whatsoever would be fulfilled.

    I will fail in my moral duty if I do not acknowledge here the continued munificent donations that the members of “Subharam Trust have provided in the past and for this publication too and the excellent printing by Chitra Printers, Bangalore.




    (A) Vedanta Alone Is The Panacea For The 'Scourge' of Civilization  
    1 The Validity Of Vedanta 1
    2 For Vedanta Universal Intuitive Experience Alone Is The Prime Foundation Or Substrate 2
    3 The Present Subject-Matter For Deliberation 4
    4 What Goes By The Name Of 'Civilization' Is In Truth A 'Malady' 5
    5 The Cause Of The Disease 6
    6 Is Vedanta Alone The Solution For The Scourge Of Civilization? 7
    7 Symptoms Of The Disease 7
    8 A General Perspective Of Our Empirical Dealing. 13
    9 Whatever Wealth It Mav Be. It is Not Permanent 15
    10 Desire, Hatred And Lust And Their Respective Counter-Measures 17
    (B) Benefits Accruing From The Vedantic View Point  
    11 Competition, Speed And Modern Appliances 21
    12 Disadvantages Or The III Effects Produced By Machines 21
    13 The Modern Civilization Has Become A Veritable Hell 23
    14 The Help That Can Accrue To Us From 'Realized Soul 24
    15 Bookish Knowledge I, Not Enough Practice Is Essential 26
    16 Our Knowledge Is Full Of Defects Or Blemishes 27
    17 The Viewpoint Of Vedantins 28
    18 All This Is Brahman Alone 30
    19 The Beneficial Fruits Or Results That Accrue From Assiduous Faith In The Vedantic Teachings 33
    20 The Indirect Or External Knowledge of Brahman 36
    21 I' Notion Is The Guise That Atman Or The Self Puts On In The Empirical Sphere 37
    22 One Gets Blissful In Establishing Oneself In Paramaatman Or The Supreme Self 38
    23 Spiritual Discipline 40
    24 To Experience The Bliss Or Happiness Of Brahman Or The Supreme Self Everyone Has Equal Right 43
    (C) Everything Is Full of Brahman or Pure Consclousness  
    25 The Gist Of What Has Been Previously Stated 45
    26 Two Viewpoints 51
    27 Bhagavan Or The Supreme Lord Alone Is The Fountai nhead Of All Aspects Of Knowledge 53
    28 The Transactions Of Those Who Are Established In Or Endowed With The Introverted Viewpeint 60

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