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The Inner Selfie (A Self-Help Book With Techniques and Philosophy Derived From Yogapsychopeutics)

The Inner Selfie (A Self-Help Book With Techniques and Philosophy Derived From Yogapsychopeutics)

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  • Publishers: White Falcon Publishing
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  • Dimensions:8.00 X 5.00 inch
  • Edition:2018
  • Author:Dr. Sukhtej Sahni
  • Publisher:White Falcon Publishing
  • ISBN:9789387193079
  • Cover Type:PAPERBACK
  • Number of Pages:108
  • About the Book

    Dr Sukhtej Sahni is a practicing psychiatrist, based in Mohali, Punjab. He did his post-graduation in psychiatry after his MBBS from Government Medical College, Chandigarh. He has been practicing psychiatry for about five years now and with training period included, he has eight years of experience in this field. Throughout this journey he has seen and encountered endless emotional and physical suffering, and more importantly the realisation that churned him is that suffering isn't limited to just mentally-ill rather the whole society is suffering one way or the other.

    So, the journey started from the wish to curtail down the stigma associated with mental illness and suffering. This carried forward into looking at solutions to help with this suffering. He realised that nothing sufficiently has been done for the day-to-day emotional problems associated with life. Then his focus turned towards yoga, followed by its philosophy, Upanishads and Advaita. Routine practice and insights into philosophy and Advaita made him acknowledge the fact that the answer for all of our emotional and physical suffering is within this sacred system of knowledge and practice.

    This stimulated the growth and development of Yogapsychopeutics and hence this book resulted as an offshoot of this thinking process.

    About the Author

    The inner selfie, has been designed with one single aim of self-liberation and thus freedom from emotional and physical suffering associated with routine life as we know it. This book represents author's thought process which in turn is a reflection of fusion of Vedanta and cognitive sciences. This text provides essence of Yogapsychopeutics, Yogapsychopeutics is the application of yogic, Vedanta and Advaita knowledge for unitary purpose of attaining calm and peace. For majority of human beings, yoga is just another form of exercise or a breathing manual, but in its pure form and with light of its philosophy based upon Vedanta and Advaita, it is the wholesome guide to life, with focus on both mental as well as physical wellbeing. This book would make you know and accept the real reason for the suffering arising out of life's problems and then fur'ther would guide you on how to deal and march through your bad an difficult times. This would in turn provide you with a renewed perception of the life an world around you, making you calmer, balanced and hence more efficient.


    A human being perceives many problems throughout his life span. Like any event, a problem also has an origin and this very origin of the problem, lies within life. Life is all around us, it's embedded in the rays of sun, moisture in the air, swaying of plants and us, the very beings. Yes, and so are the problems, they are too embedded within life and they seem to have the upper hand now!

    Problems are the perceived situations, circumstances or our own attributes with which we don't feel comfortable and perhaps, they remind us of our past pains or make us see loss and pain in future. Thus, we experience emotional or physical pain out of perceived problems and it affects and limits our ability to excel and attain calm and peace in life. When such experiences occur repeatedly throughout our lives then this suffering devolves a man!

    The problem with problem is that it is perceived to be outside and out of our own control and thus, it makes us dance to its tunes. This inability to regain control and to see our own mental state further deepens the gravity. When caught in such a web then the person tries to escape mentally by making self-manufactured Assumptions, Comparisons and Complaints. Thus, the individual would assume negatives and compare his plight with others and then finally, learn to complain to destiny, god and this unjust world or perhaps, the universe.

    So where is the promising life? And how can we make our problems go away for good? Or can we change every situation, circumstance and person around us so that we may not encounter problematic scenarios? Well, for obvious reasons it cannot be done or even thought of and thus, what we are left with is only one option and that is to rectify our own mind and provide it with a remote control to cut and cancel our problems.

    This book intends to do just this and would help you gain your lost ability and awareness and would make you to strive for higher aims and inner calmness throughout your lives. To do this right, go through the text slowly with an open mind.

    Now I would like you to see life as a single unit. Let's curtail down the division part and see life as a big giant unit which functions, survives and exists together. We could also see this as a system of waves and energy. So life is a unit which is being pervaded throughout by this energy. The whole existence, thus, can be said as the manifestation of this energy or perhaps the matter associated with this energy. We too exist within this system. Rather we are nothing but this ever-pervading energy.

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