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The Feminine Power

The Feminine Power

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  • Publishers: Jaico Publishing House
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  • Dimensions:8.3' X 5.5'
  • Edition:1999
  • Author: S.K. Wadhwa
  • Publisher:Jaico Publishing House
  • ISBN:8172247036
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:186
  • From the Book

    Sometimes, we have a vague feeling about some matter or phenomenon, at the back of our minds. It is because the subconscious part of brain, in the light of its own individual experiences gathered over billions of years, has drawn its conclusions in its own manner. However, because of its muteness, it is not being able to convey its conclusions to new-cortex. It does however, emerge crystal clear from depths of subconscious, when somebody specifically explains, and puts the phenomenon or the issue, into precise and unambiguous words. When that happen, logical and analytical part of our brain, the neo-cortex, generally accepts it. I do not think that the masses in general, at that time, were consciously aware, that almost all through our lifetime, we remain deeply involved with sex. Only when Sigmud Freud explained the role played by sex in our life, and told the world unequivocally, then only the people woke up to the facts. It is then the people came to realize, that our lifestyles are totally imbued with sexual colours.

    Sex has been thus far considered dirty, in most, if not all, the countries on the planet. Chiefly it was the subconscious, that had drawn wrong, though common-sential, inferences. When the organized religions too, pronounced sex a temptation and avarice, there was no way left for the mighty river to flow, so it went underground. All Homo Sapiens were too powerfully drawn to sex. However, they now needed to show society, religion and even members of own family, that they were not at all maintained for the sake of purity of soul, and good name in the society. People acted now, as if sex did not even exist. On the morning after, the husband and wife came out of bed room and behaved as if nothing at all had happened. Even to talk between them about it, was embarrassing and shameful. If a child wanted to know from where the baby came, it was a stork that had brought him.


    To the Reader 1
    Part I
    MDLS 13
    More Muddling of MDLS 30
    Hormones, the physical tools 44
    Part II
    Law of Survival 57
    The basic question 76
    A sex obsessed species 93
    Part III
    The basic reason 105
    The egg 116
    The beauty and the beast 148
    Final Word 182
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