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The Dharma Sutras

The Dharma Sutras



  • Dimensions:10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
  • Edition:2006
  • Author:Prof. Kundan Lal Sharma
  • Publisher:Vishveshvaranand Book Agency, Hoshiarpur
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:186
  • Preface

    According to Prof. Kundan Lal Ji Sharma, The Dharma Sutras are not only an important and integral part of the Vedic Kalpa, but are also the sources of the entire Religious, Social and legal theories and practices as adumbrated in the later Smrtis and the Dharma Sastras which are the mainstay of the entire Hindu Society. These have always been looked upon as the sources of inspiration as a Vedanga and an authority on all religious problems and social customs.

    The entire social system, way of living, food habits, daily routine, mutual relationship, religious rites and rituals, and even the laws of Hindus, all depend upon the all pervading Varna—Vyavasth6z or the Caste System.

    It is on the basis of this Caste System that the entire structure of the Dharmasutras has been conceived its present form. Although the Caste System has been widely criticised as a baneful and poisonous institution advocating perpetual inequality between man and man based on Special personal or Social qualification except birth, and as the Source of all Social evils in human behaviour towards other fellow beings, yet it had its own merits to command it self to the Aryan Society of the heavy part and has sustained the identity of the Ancient Hindu Culture and Religion through the ages. It nas enabled the heterogenious society of the vast continent to stand firm like a rock against the onslaughts of the foreign invaders with diverse alien cultures and religious concepts. (The Dharma Sutras pages 1 and 45).

    The present bo0k The Dharma Sutras is based mainly on Gautama and Vasistha Dharma Sutras. The present book deals with Caste System, Asrama System, Daily Rites, Food System, King‘s duties, Sin and its Expiations in detail.

    The present book also has seen the light of the day, after the sad demise of Prof. Kundan Lal Ji Sharma. He died on 20th November, 1983 at Delhi. He was a heart-patient.

    All the credit goes to Smt. Pusha Wati Sharma, the devoted wife of Late Prof. Sharma Ji to get this book being printed. She left no stone unturned to get this book published. The Vedic Scholars will definitely be indebted to Smt. Pushpa Wati Sharma for bringing out this Scholarly book, which will certainly prove in the long run as a Gem-Contribution to the Vedic Literature and a true homage in the real sense to hr revered husband, Late Prof. Kundan Lal Ji Sharma.

    In the last, on Smt. Pushpa Wati Sharma’s behalf, I thank everyone who helped in any way in bringing out this book, especially Prof. I.D. Uniyal, Director V.V.R. Institute, Shri Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Press Manager, Shri Om Prakash Thekedar and Shri Puran Chand Pardesi, the retired employees of the press.




    I. Preface iii-iv
    Chapter – I: The Dharma Sutras: Origin and Development 1-14
    Chapter – II: Gautam Dharmasutra 15-39
    Chapter – III: Vasistha (Vasistha) Dharmasutra 40-44
    Chapter – IV: The Subject Matter of the Dharmasutras 45-71
    Chapter – V: Asramas 72-93
    Chapter – VI: Grhasthasrama 94-114
    Chapter – VII: Daily Rites 115-125
    Chapter – VIII: Food 126-137
    Chapter – IX: Vanaprastha and Sannyasa 138-149
    Chapter – X: The King’s Duties 150-167
    Chapter – XI: Sin and Expiation 168-180

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