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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation

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  • Publishers: Tat Baba Foundation
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  • Dimensions:7.00 X 5.00 inch
  • Author:Tata- Baba
  • Publisher:Tat Baba Foundation
  • Cover Type:PAPERBACK
  • Number of Pages:95
  • Preface

    ‘Kirpa Prasad’ in Hindi is one of the Jewels in the neck-lace of books written & published by Anand Foundation underSadguru Tat Baba’s direction and supervision for benefit ofmankind.

    This book was so popular, that there arose a need for anEnglish translation for the benefit of people interested in En-glish literature and for people living abroad.

    Sri Rasik Dev has devoted much time, energy, knowledge& efforts to bring out the English translation-‘The Grace’. As aamitted by Sri Rasik Dev, a translation is not sameas the original. The flow of ideas language & spirit in the Origi-nal is difficult to produce in the translation. Guru Dev Tat Babais a genuis, gifted writer of HINDI religious literature. It isdifficult to reproduce his flow of language, & ideas, in a trans-lation.

    But Sri Rasik Dev has done a commendable job with bless-ings of Tat Baba. We congratulate him.The English Edition ‘The Grace’ was so much in demandthat all copies were sold out. Therefore a need to publish arevised edition became necessary. This seva was entrusted tome by Guru Dev.

    I have done-by best to remove some of the printing mis-takes, change some sentences, some words and some ideas. |have been greatly helped by Prof. Dr. Usa Uppal Ph.D. (well |versed in Hindi & English) in correcting the original editionand adding new phrases, words & Ideas. I express my grati-tude to this formed scholar.

    Sri Sushila Ram BASS a devotee has helped me in cor-recting typed papers and arranging them. I would like to thankher. I would also like to thank the publisher for his devotedefforts to bring out this 2nd Edition.

    Inspite of all efforts, this publication is still not perfectand may have mistakes. I am sure the next edition will be better.May Sad Guru bless us.

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