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The Ageless Wisdom of Life

The Ageless Wisdom of Life

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  • Publishers: The Theosophical Publishing House
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  • Dimensions:7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
  • Edition:2002
  • Author:Clara M. Codd
  • Publisher:The Theosophical Publishing House
  • ISBN:8170592208
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:282
  • About the Book

    This is very readable book, written towards the end of the author’s long life , gives the quintessence of her experience and insight in the form of a sample expositions of theosophical teachings . Many of the chapters contain answer to questions, which have always fascinated and puzzled human being s, such as: who are we? Why are we here? What would we do? What happens after death?

    Its scope is wide. It deals with problems arising in everyday life and world events as well deeply spiritual matters.

    About the Author

    Clara M. Codd was born in England in 1876 and early in life rejected conventional mores . Rebelling against all oppression and injustice the plunged into the suffragette movement .But her meeting Col. H. S. Olcott , President founder of the Theosophical Society Proved a turning point in her life. Forgoing her active role in the women’s social and political union she joined the Theosophical society. As an International Lecturer for the Society , she had an undrilled opportunity to observe human nature , which enabled her to speak and write lucidly on various aspects of life.


    During a long life , continually moving dwelling amongst many nations , in myriads of hospitable homes , I have had an unrivalled opportunity of observing human nature and learning of life. That first - hand experience was enormously clarified and explained by the deep wisdom and truth brought to us by theosophy. Now, looking back over a long life, the great principles and laws of our divine and glorious existence stand out clearly. It took seventy –seven years of living to discover them, but ah! How worth while. May I never forget them in all future lives , through probably the files of youth will obscure them at first.

    That is one of the Compensations of growing old, the wisdom that comes to one. When we are young, how we suffer , how we rush blindly into all sorts of mistaken action, and then pay for it with bitter pain. But when life is drawing to its close, peace comes and understanding and fulfilment.

    What I have learnt of life let me try to tell you, my brother –men who read these words, and let me offer you at the same time my affectionate and enduring goo d wishes.


      Preface v
    I This knowledge is the Thing which Matters 1
    II Who are we? The body 5
    III who are we? The soul 17
    IV Who are We? The Spirit 27
    V God and life 36
    VI Why are We here? 42
    VII How We Create Our Destinies 65
    VIII thought - the Creator 86
    IX Love - the Healer 104
    X Life the teacher 112
    XI What Should We do? 120
    XII Where are We after death ? The Process of dying 127
    XIII Where are We after Death? The Psychic world 137
    XIV Where are we after death? The heaven world 147
    XV Sleep an dreams 156
    XVI The Return to incarnation 167
    XVII Education in the Light of occultism 173
    XVIII Sex- Relations in the Light of Occultism 181
    XIX The Hosts of the Invisible 188
    XX The Evolution of animals 200
    XXI The great types in Evolution 208
    XXII The adepts - the Master of the wisdom 216
    XXIII The way to the Master of the Wisdom 224
    XXIV Yoga what is it ? 232
    XXV Prayer and meditation 242
    XXVI World Events in the Light of occultism 248
    XXVII Farewell 270


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