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  • Suraj - Winner of 3 Fimfare Awards (DVD)
Suraj - Winner of 3 Fimfare Awards (DVD)

Suraj - Winner of 3 Fimfare Awards (DVD)

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  • Material:T. Prakash Rao - Ultra Distributors Pvt. Ltd.(2011) - Approx. 154 Minutes
  • About the DVD

    Rajendra Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Mumtaz & Ajit

    Rajshri Productions (P) Ltd. Present
    Venus Pictures
    Produced: S. Krishnamoorthy
    Directed: T. Prakash Rao
    Music: Shanker Jaikishan

    Suraj is a Musical Romantic Love Story. Vikramsing and Sangramsing are both friends and kings of their own states. When they meet they decide to turn their friendship into relationship and as a token of love Vikramsing presents a precious ornament to Sangramsing’s son Pratap.

    Ramsing is very trusted servant and a caretaker of Pratap. While playing that precious ornament gets misplaced. Innocent Ramsing has been declared the thief and punished. Angry and hearted Ramsingh decides to take revenge and kidnap Pratap. After 4 years he returns his own son to king a Yuvraj. King believes in it and Ramsingh’s song grown in the Kingdom as ‘Yuvraraj Pratap.

    And decided years before, king Vikramsing sends his daughter Anuradha to king Vikramsing to see Pratap for marriage. But mischievous Anuradha plays a game and disguise her servant as Rajkumari and herself a servant.

    While on the way they meet Suraj escape Anuradha from a dangerous situation. Anuradha like the brave, handsome Suraj, love blossoms and stats a very romantic musical love story. Worth watching only on Ultra DVD.

    Winner of 3 Filmfare Awards:
    Best Playback Singer - Male
    Best Lyricist
    Best Music Director

    1.Kingdom of Vikram Singh
    2.Revenge of Ram Singh
    3.Suraj as Saviour
    4.Anuradha & Suraj
    5.Suraj in the Kingdom
    6.Anuradha knows the truth
    7.Suraj against Pratap
    8.The buffalo of Yamraj
    9.Anuradha been Kidnapped
    10.Anuradha meet Ram Singh
    11.Kalawati revels the truth
    12.Suraj been imprisoned
    13.Geeta’s death
    14.Rescue of Ram Singh
    15.Rescue of Anuradha

    1.Titli ude…
    2.Chehre pe giri…
    3.Kaise samjhayu…
    4.Dekho mera dil…
    5.Itna hai tumse pyar…
    6.Baharon phool…
    7.Ek bar aata hai…

    Digital Surround Sound
    With English Sub-Titles

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