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  • Sri Hari-bhakti-vilasa (Volume Two): Vilasas 6-10 ((With Transliteration and English Translation))
Sri Hari-bhakti-vilasa (Volume Two): Vilasas 6-10 ((With Transliteration and English Translation))

Sri Hari-bhakti-vilasa (Volume Two): Vilasas 6-10 ((With Transliteration and English Translation))

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  • Publishers: Ras Bihari Lal and Sons
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  • Dimensions:9'X 6'
  • Edition:2005
  • Author:Purnaprajna Dasa Bhumipati Dasa Purnaprajna Dasa
  • Publisher:Ras Bihari Lal and Sons
  • ISBN:8187812907
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:580
  • About the Book:

    There are two kinds of Vedic literature-fruitive and transcendental. Those who are inclined toward the fruitive division naturally have no interest in transcendental literature. Human beings mould their lives, actions, concepts and conclusions according to their own taste. For this reason, the smartas also have more faith in the literature of their choice. Because they are not qualified to study transcendental literature, they lack faith in them. That is the arrangement of the creator. There is no doubt that there is a confidential purpose behind this. The purpose is that if one remains fixed in his own position, according to his qualifications, he will gradually make advancement. As soon one gives up the duties pertaining to his position, he becomes degraded.

    When human beings are engaged in fruitive activities, they are called karmis, and when they are engaged in devotional service, they are called devotees. As long as one is attached to the performance of fruitive activities, he should follow the path of smarta because it will be beneficial for him. If he somehow transcends the platform of fruitive activities and enters onto the platform of devotional service, he will naturally develop a taste for spiritual life. That is why the creator has made two sets of literature-fruitive and transcendental.

    Back of Book:

    In order to arrange for the observance of vows and rituals for those who desire to obtain the ultimate goal of life, krsna-prema, the most merciful Lord Gaurahari, who is the deliverer of the people of Kali-yuga, instructed His associate, Srila Sanatana Gosvami, to compose the Vaisnava smrti, Sri Hari-bhakti-vilasa.

    The responsibility for accumulating evidence for the subject matters specified by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was entrusted to Sri Gopala Bhatta Gosvami. That is why, in each chapter, Srila Sanatana Gosvami has mentioned the name of Gopala Bhatta Gosvami. Srila Sanatana Gosvami has also written a commentary called Digdarsini for the easy and proper understanding of this literature.


    The glories of worshiping the Deity 2
    Bathing the Deity and one's self 3
    In this regard, Sri Narada has said 4
    The meaning of inviting the Lord 8
    The glories of invoking the Lord 9
    The glories of mudras 11
    The glories of offering an asana 14
    The process of bathing the Lord 15
    The vessel for bathing the Deity 16
    The ingredients to be used, and the glories of massaging the Lord's body 18
    The bathing of the Lord with five substances 19
    The glories of bathing the Lord with milk 21
    The glories of offering incense while bathing the Lord 25
    The glories of cleansing the Lord's body 26
    The glories of using a burgh to cleanse the Deity 27
    Bathing the Deity with fresh water 28
    The glories of playing musical instruments while bathing the Lord 44
    The glories of reciting the one thousand names of the Supreme Lord 47
    The glories of Sri Bhagavad-gita 52
    The glories of reciting the Puranas 56
    Offering clothes to the Lord 58
    The glories of wiping the Lord's body 59
    The glories of offering clothes to the Lord 60
    A prohibition in regard to offering clothes to the Lord 63
    The glories of offering a sacred thread 64
    Offering padya, tilaka and acamaniya to the Lord 64
    The glories of offering ornaments to the Lord 65
    The glories of smearing the Lord's body with a fragrant substance 73
    The glories of tulasi wood paste 77
    Substances that are prohibited for applying to the Lord's body 81
    The glories of flowers in genera 90
    The glories of the drona flower 97
    Its special glories in the month of Karttika 104
    Its special glories of lotus flowers, according to their various colors 107
    The special glories of offerings made in the month of Karttika 108
    The specific glories of offerings made in the month of Asadha 112
    The glories of ketaki flowers 117
    Its glories in the month of Asadha 118
    Its glories in the month of Karttika 119
    The glories of kunda flowers 119
    The glories of red satapatrika flowers 121
    The glories of sevanti and palasa flowers 122
    The glories of kuvja flowers 122
    The glories of asoka and bakula flowers 123
    The glories of patala flowers 124
    The glories of tila flowers 124
    The glories of durvadi flowers 128
    Their glories in the month of Karttika 132
    Prohibited flowers 134
    The proper time for picking flowers 141
    In the vyasa-gita section of the Kurma Purana it is stated 141
    Two slokas that rule out the picking of prohibited flowers 142
    Leaves 143
    The glories of tulasi 152
    Tulasi is very dear to the Lord 153
    Tulasi destroys one's sinful reactions when offered to the Lord 159
    Tulasi destroys one's enemies 162
    Tulasi awards all opulence 162
    Tulasi awards the supreme piety 162
    Tulasi awards the ultimate goal of life 165
    Tulasi awards liberation 166
    Tulasi awards one the abode of Vaikuntha 167
    Special benefit of worshiping Tulasi in the month of Karttika 172
    The merit obtained in the months of Magha 174
    Its glories during caturmasya 174
    The result of offering Tulasi during the month of Vaisakha 174
    The process for picking Tulasi 175
    The mantra for picking Tulasi 175
    The glories of picking Tulasi 177
    Prohibitions for picking Tulasi 177
    The worship of the Lord's pharaphernalia 179
    Worship of the Lord's associates 180
    The first circle of associates 180
    The second circle of associates 180
    The third circle of associates 181
    The fourth circle of associates 181
    The fifth circle of associates 182
    The six circle of associates 183
    The seventh circle of associates 183
    The glories of worshipping the Lord's associates 183
    Worship of the Lord's holy name 185
    Offering incense to the Lord 187
    The mantra for offering dhupa 188
    Regarding dhupa 188
    Prohibitions in this regard 189
    Exception in this regard 189
    The glories of offering dhupa to the Lord 190
    The glories of offering dhupa in the temple of the Lord 194
    The glories of honoring the remnants of dhupa 194
    Offering dipa [a ghee lamp] to the Lord 196
    The mantra for offering dipa 197
    Prohibitions with regards to offering lamps 198
    The glories of offering dipa 199
    The glories of offering dipa in the Lord's temple 202
    Wicks made from red or old cloth should not be offered to the Lord 209
    The consequences of extinguishing a dipa 209
    It is prohibited to place a lamp on the floor 211
    The process of offering food to the Lord 211
    The mantra to be chanted while offering food to the Lord 213
    Suitable containers for offering food 216
    The glories of offering food to the Lord 227
    The glories of distributing maha-prasada 239
    Offering water for washing the Lord's mouth 240
    The glories of offering a mouth freshener to the Lord 241
    Offering sandalwood paste to the Lord once again 242
    Offering articles to the Lord that are befitting a king 243
    The glories of singing and dancing before the Deities 249
    The specific glories of singing before the Lord 253
    Prayers especially meant for the age of Kali 254
    The glories of offering all one's activities to the Lord 296
    Accepting the Lord's remnants is an eternal duty 312
    The glories of the Lord's remnants 312
    The glories of drinking the water that washed the lotus feet of the Lord 325
    The glories of caranamrta placed in a conch shell 342
    The glories of placing a conch shell before the Deity 345
    The glories of worshiping the tulasi plant 348
    The glories of offering prayers to the tulasi plant 350
    The glories of tulasi wood 366
    The glories of eating tulasi leaves 372
    That which is to be accepted and that which is to be rejected 386
    The process for offering the Lord's remnants to Vaisvadeva and others 393
    The glories of feeding Vaisnavas after the sraddha ceremony 399
    The fault of eating food without worshipping Lord Krsna 404
    The process for Honoring the Lord's remnants 409
    The characteristics of the devotees of the Supreme Lord 427
    One automatically develops good qualities by devotional service 431
    The wisdom should be dovetailed in devotional service 433
    Detachment from material enjoyment may cause devotional service 434
    Some followers of Siva are to be considered Vaisnavas 436
    While remaining fixed in devotion, one remembers the Lord 440
    Remembering the Supreme Lord can easily be done by the renounced 442
    Becoming an unalloyed devotee by cultivating spiritual knowledge 445
    The pure devotee 445
    Their minds remain fixed, even in adverse situations 447
    The glories of the devotees of the Supreme Lord 452
    The glories of associating with the Lord's devotees 498
    The association of devotees destroys all sinful reactions 501
    It removes all anarthas and awards the goal of life 522
    Showing respect to a Vaisnava is an eternal duty 527
    The glories of approaching a Vaisnava 528
    The glories of showing respect to Vaisnavas 533
    The glories of Vaisnava literature 535
    The glories of Srimad-Bhagavatam 544
    It removes all miseries, such as hunger and thirst 548
    It is all-auspicious 549
    It awards the merit of all pious activities 549
    It awards the perfection of the ears 550
    It creates detachment in the minds of the devotees 551
    It delivers one from material existence 552
    It helps one to go back to Godhead 554
    It awards love of God 556
    It awards the ultimate goal of life 557
    Attachment for discussions about the Supreme Lord 566
    The glories of preaching the supreme religious principles 567
    The glories of bhagavata-dharma 578
    The glories of praising narrations of Krsna's pastimes 580

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