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Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana
Sri Ganesha Purana

Sri Ganesha Purana



  • Dimensions:7.0 inch x 4.0 inch
  • Edition:2016
  • Author:Dr. Akila Sivaraman
  • ISBN:9788179506295
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:240
  • Foreword

    Vedas from the core of Hindu religion. They guide the man to the highest truth that he can know. They form the essential texts of our religion. Their learning should be insisted upon even during one's childhood as other religionists are doing. We have to know what our religion is, for the simple reason that 'Religion' means not mere ritual but means Dharma which will make us contented and happy in our life.

    The Vedic prescriptions for a happy life are contained in the form of pithy statements, rich in meaning. They, therefore, need to be enlarged and elaborated, as a brief exposition of these pithy statements could help only the enlightened and not the common man. If the same ideas are conveyed in the form of interesting stories and anecdotes, they touch the heart and leave an emotional impact that lingers long in the minds of the young and the old alike. Puranas serve this purpose through their popular renderings of the Vedic injunctions, by means of stories of kings, adventures (or Leelas) of Gods and legends of Saints and Rishis. They were the means employed for mass education by our ancestors in their days. Now they are all the more-relevant in our days when it is considered a fashion under the cloak of so called secularism and pseudo -scientific approach, to demigrate our holy texts and scriptures, while the followers of other religions safeguard and enshrine their own texts to the extent that any attempt to analyse critically is considered an affront on their religious beliefs.

    Puranas help to develop deep involvement in the Vedic concepts and principles such as adherence to Truth, Restraint, patience, compassion, chastity, honesty, sincerity, justice, faithfullness, ahimsa, appreciation of all forms of beauty and nature and other allied virtues. The great types of character whose legends they narrate, have richly served the purpose of firmly establishing the principles of Hindu Dharma in the minds of our nationals.

    In the Hindu pantheon of Gods, Lord Vinayaka (Vinayaka means one who has no master) is held as the foremost God without whose Puja, no worship or any rite or ritual for that matter begins. In addition to the eighteen popular major puranas, there are another eighteen upa puranas in which Bhargava Purana, also known as Vinayaka Purana or Ganesha Purana, figures prominently. Infact all puranas have a reference to Lord Ganesha. But the Ganesha Puranam deals exclusively with the birth and leelas (adventures) of Lord Ganesha. With her concern for the children and the youngsters, Dr. Akila Sivaraman has appropriately chosen the appropriate episodes on Lord Ganesha for a book in English, as English is now the most sought after medium of learning even at the primary level of education. Her expression is lucid, readable, child friendly and direct. The style she has adopted is conversational•and she is sure to create a rapport with the reader.

    As the contents are primarily intended for the children at the primary and secondary level, she has subtly and discreetly chosen such of those passages that are quite graphic and esoteric. At the same time she has closely adhered to the basics and thereby succeeded in preserving the flavour of traditional story telling, spiced with imaginative description of events. With the student readers in mind, she has scrupulously avoided flowery language or any embellishment for that matter. Her contribution will amply serve the cause of educating our children in our traditional values and cultural heritage and merit consideration for inclusion in school curriculum at the primary and secondary level for moral instruction.

    The younger generation now needs badly an exposure to our traditional values and cultural and spiritual heritage. Even among the elders it has become a fashion to dub anything beyond the normal experience of the ordinary senses of the ordinary man as supernatural and dismiss and discredit them as outside the realm of truth. They tend to forget that there are phenomena and many spiritual experiences of exalted souls that cannot be subject to national analysis. It will be a great disservice to the posterity if the puranas are bypassed and instead make them read only what has been written as history. In the words of Paramacharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Swamigal, “Puranas are also history and they must also be read because puranas are history with an ennobling purpose.

    Publishers Note

    Lord Ganesha is the Favourite Deity of not only the Hindus but also of most people following other religious faiths. He is not only popular in India but also across the globe. The innumerable temples built for this Deity in every village, every town, every city, every state and every country all over the world is a testimony to the growing faith on this Lord amongst people.

    It's the traditional faith among the Hindu Community that Lord Ganesha also known as Vrnayaka, Ganapati, Vighneshwara etc annihilates any and every obstacle and impediment that may block the path to success in One's endeavour.

    Hence it's common that Vrnayaka is propitiated at the beginning of any Initiative, any auspicious Function or ceremony.

    Unlike other Deities of Hindu Faith, many aspects of Lord Ganapati including His physical appearance kindles intrigue in everyone. He has an abnormally huge human body but from head to neck he resembles an elephant.

    There are eighteen Mahapuranas and many Upa Puranas and Ganesha Purana is one among them.

    It is with this sincere intention to reach out the Glory of this Invincible Lord to the multitudes spread over the globe that GIRI who is a known as the Pioneer in publishing Scriptural Texts, spiritual & religious Books and enhancing the spread of Sanatana Dhanna among the seekers takes immense pleasure in publishing the “Ganesha Purana” in English in simple and lucid language scripted by Smt. Dr. Akila Sivaraman who is a popular author of many well acclaimed Books .

    We are sure that this sincere effort of GIRI enefits One & All the Readers and they are blessed with health wealth and prosperity.


    “shuklaambharadharam vishnum

    shashivarnam chaturbhujam

    prasanna vadanam dyaayet

    sarva vighnopa shaantaye”

    All of us are familiar with this invocation verse in Sanskrit (Dyana Shloka) to Lord Ganesha which we know by heart and recite at the start of all our activities. Who is this all-powerful deity? Why is He being worshipped universally by one and all? Well, it is absolutely necessary to know more about Him in order to appreciate His immaculate greatness. Sri Ganesha Purana, the divine story of Lord Ganesha, is worth a thorough study to enable us to understand His unique greatness. Perhaps, He has the maximum number of temples all over the country. We can see Him on the banks of all rivers and in every corner of all streets and roads. The first shrine in all the temples, right at the entrance, is that of Lord Vinayaka who is worshipped by every visitor, as soon as they enter.

    This book will enlighten you on the area significance of his worship, as explained by our revered sages in the Puranas. Let us derive the benefit of their kindness by which all of us will rise to great heights in life, as Lord Vinayaka is sure to remove all obstacles in our endeavours and bless us for all-round success.



      The Origin of the Story 13
    1 The Story of Kamandha 16
    2 Somakanta's life as a King 20
    3 Brahmahatti Dosha leaves the King 23
    4 The birthofVeda Vyasa 27
    5 The Gigantic FonnofVmayaka 30
    6 Lord Brahma's Creations 33
    7 Lord Vinayaka gets married 36
    8 Madhu and Kaitabha get destroyed 39
    9 The disease disappears 41
    10 The story of Vallala the great 45
    11 Takka becomes a king 48
    12 Distress due to a Devilish desire 51
    13 Lord Vinayaka blesses Devendra 54
    14 Krichamada and the Sages 58
    15 The birth of Asura and his atrocities in the World 61
    16 The greatness of Chaturthi Vrata 66
    17 The stories of King Kardhama, King Nala and King Chandrangada 70
    18 Lord Subrahmanya is born 73
    19 Maha Ganapati blesses Manmatha 76
    20 Pride goes before a fall 80
    21 God's image descends on a dedicated soul 83
    22 The significance of Sankatahara Chaturthi 86
    23 The greatness of Aruga Grass 92
    24 The greatest treasure of the world 96
    25 Ganesha Puja with Vanni Leaf 100
    26 Avataras of Maha Vishnu 103
    27 Prayers to Ganesha who mitigates all evils 108
    28 Pavazha Vinayaka 114
    29 One step towards God makes Him come to us 118
    30 Parashurama takes a pledge 123
    31 Vinayaka subdues Ravana 127
    32 Lord Ganapati blesses Sage Agastya 129
    33 Kashyapa creates the world 133
    34 Kapila Vinayaka 135
    35 Vighna Vinayaka 143
    36 Mooshika Vahana 150
    37 Lord Vinayaka as Mayureswara 156
    38 The story of Sindhuraja 160
    39 Great miracles of Lord Ganesha 164
    40 Ganesha extends his helping hand to everyone 169
    41 Lord Ganesha blesses devoted souls 176
    42 Gajamukha Versus Ganapati 180
    43 Mahorkata's Magnificent Miracle 184
    44 The playful son of the Sage 188
    45 Devantaka meets his end 198
    46 Vakratunda and Durasura 202
    47 Lord Shiva and Kashi city 205
    48 Vinayaka blesses Vallabha 209
    49 King Somakanta gets the Ultimate Bliss 213
    50 The benefits of listening to Sri Vinayaka Purana 216
    51 General Procedures of Sri Ganesha worship 218
    52 Divine Puranas and Lord Ganesha 221
    53 Stories in vogue about Lord Vinayaka 227
    54 Temples for Lord Vinayaka 233
    55 Popu1ar Names of Lord Ganesha 238
    56 Sri Vmayaka Shodasha Namavali 239


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