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  • Speaking of Curing Diseases through Yoga - A Practical Guide to the various Yoga Asanas that enables Healthy Living
Speaking of Curing Diseases through Yoga - A Practical Guide to the various Yoga Asanas that enables Healthy Living

Speaking of Curing Diseases through Yoga - A Practical Guide to the various Yoga Asanas that enables Healthy Living

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  • Publishers: Sterling Paperbacks
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  • Dimensions:8.50 X 5.50 inch
  • Edition:2011
  • Author:Swami Durganand Saraswati
  • Publisher:Sterling Paperbacks
  • ISBN:9788120763777
  • Cover Type:PAPERBACK
  • Number of Pages:208 (B/W Illustrations throughout)
  • About the Book

    Yoga has become a household name these days. It is one of the oldestand most effective way of cleansing and keeping the body, mind andsoul completely fit. It also helps in removing the harmful toxins fromthe body and improves the blood circulation.

    This book discusses exhaustively the countless beneficial effects ofvarious yogic asanas enabling one to cure some of the very severediseases like diabetes, arthritis, acidity, obesity, piles, kidney and liverdiseases, indigestion and constipation, genital disorders and manymore. It also lays emphasis on the importance of practising yogasanasand meditation regularly to keep yourself away from life threateningdiseases and staggering doctor's bills. Along with the various asanasfor certain problems the author has also discussed the diet restraintand the code of conduct to be followed by the practitioner as yoga isa perfectly scientific therapy. Step by step method of every asana inavery simple and easy language will help the readers a lot. The bookwill definitely be helpful in running yoga centres across the globe.Yoga is not just a therapy, it is a lifestyle which you have to incorporatein your life for a healthy living. So pick up this book and learn aboutthe science of health and better living and put one step aheadtowards a healthy and blissful life.

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    About the Author

    Swami Durganand Saraswati (b. 1947) did his post graduation in Kolkata. Later on he left for Himalayas in search of his innerself. In Rishikesh he came in close contact with H.H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri SriSwami Brahmananda Saraswati . He listened to their sermons and teachings regularly. He worked under sermons anda teachings regularly. he worked unaerMaharishi as a secretary, stenographer and editor of theirpublications. After some years of intensive yoga practise, the authorfelt it was time to take up monkhood as it is the best path to attain selfrealisation. He meditated in the caves of the Himalayas for more than25 years and also learnt the perfect way of doing various yogapostures. He has cured hundreds of patients till now throughyogasanas.

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    By the grace of the Almighty, like the words Dharam Karamin India, Yoga is also now a household name especially in theWestern countries. Therefore, the number of books on yoga isincreasing day by day. After going through some books, I thoughtit to be needful to disperse the blessings of Yoga, especially inrespect of curing diseases to the pupils who are sincerely eagerto turn over a new leaf by adopting a full-fledged yogic way oflife, or who are unluckily suffering from various kinds of diseasesbecause of which they live a stressful life and waste thousands ofmoney but of no avail or of a temporary consolation only.

    The yoga of asanas is the most scientific variety of ontologyever deciphered till this day under the Sun. There is no systemwhich can challenge the hygienic validity in so shortest a time asYoga is capable of. We should worship the foot-dust of the lotusfeet of the Seer sages by whose magnanimous benedictions wecan try to practise yoga today.

    Yoga of asanas and pranayamas (breathing exercises) are asold as the Sun God. The historians are not unanimous in theiropinions as to the oldness of this spiritual knowledge. Countlessmanuscripts have been destroyed by jealous, narrow-minded,communal and base-born torturous kings; another wave of worldlyplay had started; again destroyed and again another destruction.This has been the play for a long time out of memory.

    To come to the subject, the bone of contention of the world ofhygiene which is connected with Yoga of physiological exercises,is diet or food. Diet is a substituting theological or philosophicalword for food on the ground that Sages looked upon human beingsas great sufferers of misery — a cancerous disease and, hence, theyuse this word ‘diet’. A most sorry state of affairs of the day isthat there is no or hardly any food or drink which is perfectlyhealthful except water of some places — a fact which is known toNaturopaths than any man in the street.

    There are at least two reasons which count for such a patheticstate: One is overpopulation and the other is misguiding guidanceor commerciality. The rise in population being out of hands of thegovernment of many countries, the production is needed to boostup in order to feed the extra mouths every year. It is impossibleto produce more food in a natural way since the soil capacitydecreases every year. So, under the compulsion of circumstances,inorganic food stuff has made an unrestricted access into the worldmarkets. The result being that a lay man is absolutely unaware ofthe real nature, character or taste of the real food.

    Edibles, thanks to the research of food technologists, lookapparently attractive but produce a highly inctrrable effect on thehuman economy. Nowadays cows are being injected to becomefat for procuring more meat; the result of such an absolutelyunintelligent policy has given birth to epidemic diseases amongcows leading to a loss of money, perhaps, millions. Readers mayhave become aware of this fact through newspapers. Adulterationis no more a secret nowadays. It is no matter of the day. Thefruits that are sold in most markets of the world are ripenedartificially by using a heavy amount of toxic chemicals, especiallycarbide gas which is used to burn lamps. Injurious insecticidesare spread on them against premature damage. So is the case ofvegetables.

    Cow’s milk, the most balanced food, is highly injurious inmost cases; first of all, the milk is produced artificially for, cow isserved with the food that is highly chemical. Cows live hardly ongreen grass — the food that should be given to them. It is, perhapsknown to many readers that green grass has been in use by anumber of Yogins among whom the name of Durbasaji is wellknown. Durba or Doorba means green grass. According to mediareports, milk is now being manufactured from even animal skin,potato, etc. Such is the state of the food product. According toSrimad Bhagvad Gita, ''Man is what he eats''. One day I preparedsome aubergines but could not eat them on account of its excessivebitterness. I tried giving it to the cow but it also refused to eat it.

    However, diseases can be brought to a minimum number onlyif the dietetic rules are followed as far as practicable, and yogaasanas are practised regularly with patience. Idleness is knownto be one of the greatest hindrances of yoga. Everybody shouldpractise yoga keeping an eye to his health. Diet is again, moreimportant than practice of Yoga especially when the object is touproot a particular disease.

    Fast food which is catching up fast with the young generationis also the cause of many diseases. God knows better, how suchmisguiding ideas crop up in a human mind. The rule of cookingfood is that food should be prepared slowly and not fast. It shouldbe cooked on a low temperature. The fire too should be woodenand not gas, electric or kerosene oil which is injurious to health. Ifa research is done on the nutritive value of both the kinds of food— fast food and the food cooked with wooden fuel, it is sure theformer would be proved to be of less nutritive value.

    Ignorant people are carried away by advertisements and byrepeatedly treading on the wrong path, the wrong path itself ismistaken for the right one. This is Kali Yuga; except love and life,everything seems to be possible by way of money. The wrong pathsof human life are looked upon as fashion or an inescapable way oflife in some cases. A vast majority of human beings have lost theircommon sense to look into the affairs of the world in its properperspective. The reason is non-practice of Yoga and spiritualityand, therefore, unveiling of spiritual acumen. Habitual use ofheavily artificial or poisonous foods could be another formidablereason for such wrong notions. Despite all these misconceptions,may God bless them. Wrong food is the root biological cause forall the nefarious activities we come across through the mishapstaking place all over the world.

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