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  • Sociology of Gender: The Challenge of Feminist Sociological Knowledge
Sociology of Gender: The Challenge of Feminist Sociological Knowledge

Sociology of Gender: The Challenge of Feminist Sociological Knowledge

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  • Publishers: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Dimensions:8.5' X 5.5'
  • Edition:2003
  • Author:Ed. Sharmila Rege
  • Publisher:Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN:0761997059
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:465
  • From the Jacket:

    Rigorous feminist critique of sociological theories and paradigms has, in recent years, raised new questions, broadened the frontiers of sociological knowledge and established gender as a conceptual category. Simultaneously, new developments within feminist scholarship have given rise to fresh explorations, which have strengthened and expanded the boundaries of feminist knowledge.

    Exploring these twin developments, this invaluable reader maps the contributions made by feminist scholars towards engendering mainstream sociological discourse in India. It covers a broad range of issues relating to the lifespan of women in different social institutions such as the family, school and the workplace.

    The 14 articles are grouped in two parts. The first part is devoted to conceptual issues in feminism, anthropology and sociology and themes in feminist social theories. The second part is divided into four sections which cover diverse issues in the areas of work, family, kinship, caste, education and the state. Among the themes discussed are:

    • Matriliny, migration and women's economic status.
    • Female participation in farm work and in suburban production work.
    • Gender issues in the education of young girls and in the reproduction of social inequality in schooling.
    • Gender in the making of the Indian nation-state and in caste discrimination.
    Located at the intersection of sociology and feminist studies and bringing together articles which reflect the different intellectual streams that comprise feminist sociological knowledge in India, this timely volume will serve as a text for courses on sociology and women's studies.

    About the Author:

    Sharmila Rege teaches at the Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Women's Studies Centre, University of Pune.


    List of Tables ix
    Series Note xi
    Foreword By Karuna Chanana xiii
    Acknowledgements xvii
    Introduction: Feminist Challenge to Sociology: Disenchanting Sociology or 'For Sociology'?
    Sharmila Rege
    Part I Conceptual Issues in Feminism, Anthropology and Sociology 51
    1. Feminist Social Theories: Theme and Variations
    Beatrice Kachuck
    2. Problems with Patriarchy: Conceptual Issues in Anthropology and Feminism
    Patricia Uberoi
    Part II Gender and Social Institutions

    Section A: Family, Marriage and Kinship

    3. Single - and Dual - Earner Couples:
    Economic Status and Marital Power
    G.N. Ramu
    4. Who Gains from Matriliny? Men, Women and
    Change on a Lakshadweep Island
    Leela Dube
    5. Gender and the Khasi Family Structure: The Meghalaya
    Succession to Self-Acquired Property Act, 1984
    Tiplut Nangbri
    6. The Impact of Egyptian Male Migration on
    Urban Families: 'Feminization of the Egyptian Family'
    or a Reaffirmation of Traditional Gender Roles
    Homa Hoodfar
    Section B: Work
    7. Women and Development: A Profile of
    Active Agricultural Producers
    Raj Mohini Sethi
    8. Female Participation in Farm Work in Central Kerala
    C.V. Kala
    9. Joiners and Non-Joiners: A City Suburb and its Women's Club
    Pat Caplan
    Section C: Education
    10. Female Sexuality and Education of Hindu Girls in India
    Karuna Chanana
    11. Unequal Schooling and Reproduction of Social Inequality in India
    Padma Velaskar
    Section D: State
    12. Gender in the Making of the Indian National State
    Maitrayee Chaudhuri
    13. Bodies of evidence, Bodies of Rule: The Ilbert Bill,
    Revivalism and Age of Consent in Colonial India
    Judith Whitehead
    14. Dalit Struggle, Nude Worship and
    the 'Chandragutti Incident'
    Linda J. Epp
    Related Readings in the Sociological Bulletin 428
    About the Editor 430
    About the Contributors 431
    Index 432

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