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Sadhu Beware! (A New Approach to Renunciation)

Sadhu Beware! (A New Approach to Renunciation)



  • Dimensions:8.3' X 5.4'
  • Edition:2005
  • Author:Swami Kriyananda
  • Publisher:Ananda Sangha Publications, Gurgaon
  • ISBN:8189430033
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:127
  • About the Book:

    This book offers you insight, inspiration, andpractical advice for the greatest adventure in the world: the inner journey.

    Crystalclear and easy to understand, this book will help you to live up to theaspiration of your heart and realize the highest ideals of your mind.

    Neverbefore have such clarity and truth been presented for all, householders andrenunciates alike.

    All, as children of God, can realize their divine potentialby learning how to live rightly, renouncing that which brings unhappiness andembracing their true nature: inner freedom and divine joy.


    I Ananda Sangha 7
    II Humility 12
    III Developing Humility 17
    IV Techniques of Ego-Transcendence 21
    V How to Be an Ego-Detective 37
    VI The Advantages of Formal Renunciation 38
    VII The Disadvantages of Formal Renunciation 43
    VIII The Tally 48
    IX Two Stages of Brahmacharya 60
    X A Suggested Rite of Passage 67
    XI The Second Brahmacharya 75
    XII Specific Suggestion for the Practice of Brahmacharya 78
    XIII How to Be a Temptation Detective 86
    XIV Poverty vs. Simplicity 87
    XV Techniques for Dealing with Money 98
    XVI Obedience 104
    XVII The Rule of Cooperative Obedience 111
    XVIII How to Be an Attitudes Detective 120
    XIX Attunement 122
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