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Role of Space-Time In Jaina's Syadvada & Quantum Theory (An Old Book and Rare Book)

Role of Space-Time In Jaina's Syadvada & Quantum Theory (An Old Book and Rare Book)

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  • Publishers: Sri Satguru Publications
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  • Dimensions:8.50 X 5.50 inch
  • Edition:1993
  • Author:Filita Bharucha
  • Publisher:Sri Satguru Publications
  • ISBN:8170303842
  • Cover Type:HARDCOVER
  • Number of Pages:78
  • About the Book

    The book presents the view of theEinstein Theory regarding the unificationof space-time and its role of the Jainism inperceptive of the modern age and alsoshows that the quantum theory which hasto be of further advancement in view ofthe logical operations which created anempirical new standpoint of the world. Infact the book discusses how the Easternand Western thoughts of space and timewhich is simultaneously playing part inthe contemporary world. The bookcontains following chapters; Ch.1 Adventof Space-time, Ch.2 Jaina’s View of Realityas Modern Thoughts of Space and Time,Ch.3 Quantum Theory role in DeviantLogic, Ch.4 Role of Universals ThoughtExperiment : Reductio ad Absurdum,Ch.5 General Theories of Space-Time,and Ch.6 Logico- Spatio-Temporal Space


    The main significance of this book is to emphasize therole of space and time and the importance of ''indeterminacy''played by Syadvada in Jainas Philosophy along with thePhysicist Heiserberg's ''Uncertaincy Principle'' in QuantumMechanics. Also with the importance of the unification ofSpace-Time by the great physicist and philosopher Einstein.For further information I have provided ''truth-tables'' ofJainas Syadvada and Quantum Logic.

    This book is written in view of the Einstein Theoryregarding the unification of space-time and its role of theancient schools (mainly Jainas) in perceptive of the modernage and also shows that the quantum theory which has to beof further advancement in view of the logical operations whichcreated an empirical new standpoint of the world. In fact thebook discusses how the Eastern and Western thoughts ofspace and time which is simultaneously play part in thecontemporary world.

    In Chapter I, the advent of the 20th Century, venturesinto ancient thinking of old schools who could visualisemodern ideas of space and time and quantum theory theory.

    In Chapter II, we in this book select the ancient schoolsof Jainas because I find it most suitable in view of theunification of space-time in the 20th century. The Jainas ideaof space and time were exposed by their ''Syadvada Theory''of seven possibilities.

    7 In Chapter II, shows that the macroscopic ideas ofclassical logic were not sufficient to microscopic fields, inrespect of Quantum (Deviant) Logic. This is in view of theIn Chapter IV, we have a general survey of space timeand other aspects of varied ideas. The following are listedbelow:-

    1. Role of Universal.

    2. Thoughts Experiments.

    3. Reductio ad Absurdum.

    In Chapter V, we have the General Theories of Space-Timewith a topological manifold and co-ordination of space-time.

    Lastly, the conclusively Chapter VI, contains the paperthat I have read in a seminar in Berlin (1992 July). It mentionsthe Heterologic angle with an empirical standpoint of (a)Probability in the physical sciences and (b) possibility in socialsciences. However, in the above Chapter VI, at the moment,I select the probability section. Also I mentioned a matrixformulation of space-time and a geometrical structure of it.

    The Reader is requested to note that no diacritical marksare made for Sanskrit words.

    I wish you all a good reading and a serious thought of''indeterminacy'' in our todays ''Micro-World'' passed by thejet-set world at the end of the 20th century. May be the‘indeterminacy’ of the *Micro-World’ as it appears in todayworld, may change by the beginning of the 21st century. The''strict causality’ of Newton, may loosen the causality in the21st century.

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