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Rhetoric and Reality: Gender and the Colonial Experience in South Asia

Rhetoric and Reality: Gender and the Colonial Experience in South Asia



  • Dimensions:8.4' X 5.5'
  • Edition:2006
  • Author:Siobhan Lambert-Hurley, - Avril A. Powell
  • Publisher:Oxford University Press, New Delhi
  • ISBN:0195677048
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:328
  • From the Jacket:

    How far did gender ideologies translate into practice in the Indian colonial context? Rhetoric and Reality highlights the interconnections between 'the ideal' and 'the real' with regard to gender and the colonial experience in South Asia. Exploring interlinkages between received perspectives on gender and colonial and indigenous discourses on 'modernity', it underlines key issues related to domesticity, body, and modernity.

    Focusing on subjects like motherhood, domestic ideologies, female infanticide, education, law, and social reform movements, the book provides numerous case studies from across the subcontinent. Various essays explore the reciprocity and contestation between Indian and colonial agency and recipiency. They also recover subaltern agency through investigation of interfaces with servants, pupils, nurses, and plaintiffs.

    The topical and interdisciplinary collection brings together scholars from South Asia, North America, and United Kingdom. It will lay the foundation for new research on themes of childhood, servants, nursing, and women of minority communities.

    This volume will be a significant read for students and scholars of modern Indian history, gender studies, literature, sociology as well as those interested in cross-cultural and comparative studies on gender and colonial experience.

    About the Author:

    Avril A. Powell is Senior Lecturer in the History of South Asia at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom.

    Siobhan Lambert-Hurley is Senior Lecturer in Modern History at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom.

    Preface and Acknowledgements VII
    Introduction 1
    Problematizing Discourse and Practice
    Avril A. Powell and Siobhan Lambert-Hurley
    1. Child, Mother, and Servant 16
    Motherhood and Domestic Ideology in Colonial Bengal
    Swapna M. Banerjee
    2. Redesigning the Zenana 50
    Domestic Education in Eastern Bengal in the Early Twentieth Century
    Asha Islam Nayeem and Arvil A. Powell
    3. Questionable Motives, Flimsy Alibis 82
    Reinvestigating the Murder of Female Infants in Colonial Punjab
    Veena Talwar Oldenburg
    4. The Body as a Metaphor for the Nation 121
    Caste, Masculinity, and Femininity in the Satyarth Prakash of Swami Dayananda Sarasvati
    Anshu Malohtra
    5. Learning and Teaching about British Control 154
    The Cautious Activism of Medical Missionaries in 1930s India
    Ruth Compton Brouwer
    6. 'Making and Moulding the Nursing of the Indian Empire' 185
    Recasting Nurses in Colonial India
    Rosemary Fitzgerald
    7. Negotiating Modernities 223
    The Public and Private Worlds of Dr Haimabati Sen
    Geraldine Forbes
    8. An Embassy of Equality? 247
    Quaker Missionaries in Bhopal State, 1890-1930
    Siobhan Lambert-Hurley
    9. Islamic Modernism and Women's Status282
    The Influence of Sayeed Ameer Ali
    Avril A. Powell
    Notes on Contributors 318
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