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  • Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)
Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)

Ramana Smrti (A Birth Centenary Offering - 1980)

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  • Publishers: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
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  • Dimensions:8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
  • Edition:2009
  • Author:Raman Maharshi
  • Publisher:Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
  • ISBN:9788188018988
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:381

  • Back of the Book

    There are four fascination parts to this book. The first contains insightful writings by many devotees who had personal contact with the Maharshi and received his grace. The second provides thirteen intimate accounts of those fortunate souls – women devotees, in particular – who lived and served alongside the Master, receiving invaluable spiritual guidance and practical counsel for daily living. These memorable stories and be read repeatedly with enduring delight.

    The third part consists of offerings by sincere devotees, many of whom had not met the master physically, but had otherwise imbued direct guidance and inspiration from him. They are a pointed reminder of how the power of the master’s personality continues to shine through those who turn to him with sincerity and faith.

    The fourth and final part lays out a concise outline of the town of Tiruvannamalai, the great temple, the holy Arunachala Hill, ancient festivals of the town, places of interest to all visitors to this holy place of pilgrimage. Although written for this publication 30 Years ago by a prominent devotee, the descriptions remain perfectly relevant today.

    Interspersed throughout this volume are numerous ‘fillers’, uplifting quotations and revelatory selections of the Maharshi’s teachings, which provide spriritual nourishment to all who contemplate their meaning.



    Bhagavan Sri Ramana’s Realisation is unique and unparalleled in the annals of history. He realized in his boyhood the Eternal Truth, the Self Supreme, without the aid of initiation by any external Guru, without the need for a theoretical knowledge or study of the Sastras and scriptures, and without having resorted to any kind of ritualistic form of worship, nay without any kind of Sadhana other than his spontaneous realization of the eternal nature of the ‘I’ the Self Supreme. January 3, 1980 is being celebrated as the Centenary year by devotees around the world.

    Before he left the body, to allay the fears and anxieties of devotees about their continuing without his physical presence, Bhagavan said : “Where can I go ? I am here. “Since that time, countless devotees who had walked and sat and talked with him have felt the strength of his continued presence in all facets of their lives, and many others who were not blessed by his physical presence continue to be drawn within his aura of grace. Articles and tributes by some of these devotees have been gathered together here as an offering to him on this special occasion. In addition, a number of articles that were originally written in Telegu by Sri G. Venkatachalam, popularly known as ‘Chalam’, and published in a book, Bhagavan Smrti, have been translated into English and included here. Most of them are reminiscences that span a period of many years, and they shed new light on various aspects of Bhagavan’s life especially his role in the kitchen. We are pleased to be able to make them available in English.

    The Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Birth Centenary Committee is very grateful to all who have had some part to play in bringing out this souvenir. Our thanks go to the Board of Trustees of Sri Ramanasramam for their over-all – support, to the Centenary Financial Committee for their work in collecting the souvenir’s advertisements. Special thanks go to Prof. K. Swaminathan and Jim Grant for their editorial work, to all who contributed articles and advertisements, and to specialty Printers, Madras, for their care in printing.

    My he who has transcended all limitations, broken all bonds of separateness and selfishness, ever shine in our hearts and lead us to the perfect peace of his abode, which is our true self.




      Publisher's Note III
      Preface V
      Tributes IX
      Part I  
    1 Sri Ramana Maharish, His Life and Teachings 1
    2 He opened My Heart 16
    3 Identity 20
    4 Trudging Along to the Holy Hill 28
    5 Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi 32
    6 The Gist of Sri Bhagavan's Teachings 42
    7 Bhagavan Ramana and the Bhagavad Gita 45
    8 Ramana Sat-Chit Ananda Guru 51
    9 The Sage of Arunachala 56
    10 Some Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Raman Maharshi 61
    11 The Silent Initiation of Bhagavan Sri Ramana 64
    12 What I Owe to Ramana Maharshi 67
    13 What Does he Mean to me 72
    14 1947 - Tiruvannamalai 82
    15 Ramana : A-mana and Su-mana 87
    16 Maharshi Sri Ramana Unique Messiah Speaking through Silence 88
    17 Sri Ramana's Boyhood in Madurai 93
    18 Bhagavan Ramana - the Svaraat 96
    19 Ramana Maharshi as a Vedic Seer 103
    20 Maharshi Teachings and Modern Scientific thought 109
    21 Arunachala Ramana 112
    22 The Maharshi and His mother 117
      Part II  
    1 Year of Grace 124
    2 Eternal Bhagavan 129
    3 Tales of Bhagavan 149
    4 Sri Ramanasramam 161
    5 Glimpses of Sri Ramana Maharshi 168
    6 Bhagavan's Cooking 177
    7 A day with Bhagvan 186
    8 Sri Bhagavan's Grace 191
    9 A Life time with Bhagavan 198
    10 Bhagavan in kitchen 215
    11 Healing Grace 227
    12 My Life, My Light 235
    13 The Bhagavan I knew 253
      Part III  
    1 My Reminiscences of Sri Ramana Maharshi 292
    2 The Path and the Goal 295
    3 The Herald of a New Era 298
    4 Joyous Acceptance 302
    5 Kavyakantha: A Colossus of Learning and Taps 303
    6 Pradakshina 306
    7 A Tribute to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi 308
    8 To a Devotee in Bombay 310
    9 Sadhan with Bhagavan Ramana 311
    10 Year of Grace 313
    11 Why Ramana? 314
    12 Supplication to Sri Bhagavan 316
    13 The Bridge 317
    14 Sage - Acting 319
    15 Celebrating the Birthday 320
    16 The Call 323
    17 Bhagavan's Teachings in America 327
    18 Boundless Grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramana 328
    19 Abiding Gracee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana 332
    20 Remebrance 333
    21 Embodiment of Purity 334
    22 How Bhagavan came into my Life 336
    23 Honouring the Great one 338
    24 Where has Bhagavan gone 339
    25 Arunachala and Ramanachala 340
    26 Bhagavan's Silence 341
    27 Mercies of Bhagavan 342
    28 My Beloved Bhagavan 344
      Part IV  
    1 Visitor's Guide 346

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