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Preaching Vedanta

Preaching Vedanta

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  • Publishers: Abhinav Publication
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  • Dimensions:8.8 Inch X 5.8 Inch
  • Edition:1997
  • Author:Swamiji Iraianban
  • Publisher:Abhinav Publication
  • ISBN:8170176507
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:347
  • From the Jacket

    Though he is graduate his ardent faith upon self realization and literature makes him not an ordinary man but as a well versed preacher of spiritualism. His slogan is Trumpeting Vedanta into thin heart. He is not engaged with any physical designation but he has dedicated his life to render service to all through proper understanding of spiritualism.

    He is also a versatile orator and has delivered more than 4000 spiritual lectures is several temples. Athmanandam, Narayaneeyam, Abhirami Andhathi – notes, Hindu Dharmam are Published. Now his Manamum Thainamum Vedhathamum Nadaimuraiyum, Aracnericharam & Avvaikkural – notes Nathaupasanai – 400 Tamil Krithis with ragas and thalas Thirumanthiram – notes Sree Mookapanchasathee – notes Theerkadharsanam and Emancipational Commentary on Srimad Bhagavad-Gita English notes books are in press.

    Subramanian (42) is the son of Sri Arumugam Achari and Srimathi Subbammal, native of Dindigul, one of the ancient towns of Tamil Nadu. Subramanian was blessed by his Guru and the Guru called his as the lover of god and god’s love is his in this sense he is called as Iraianban and his admirers respectfully call him as Swamiji.

    Happily married to Mrs. A. Maragatham Subramanian is blessed with 2 boys (Ramalingam Balaji) and 1 girl (Chellamariammal) truly he is an outstanding personality but he is not interested to show his eminence to all.

    Swamiji Iraianban is not only a writer poet orator he is well versed with palmistry astrology music and he is supposed to be a twinkling lamp which is in a pot. It is hoped his entry in Delhi will make him prosperous and thus so many people will have the light of spiritualism.

    He oftenly says the highest learning is that by which we know God all else the sacred books grammar literature etc, only load and puzzle the mind typically he is living a full fledged life and through IRAI institution of self realization he is rendering his earnest service to all in spiritual and universal ways.


    About the Author

    Swamiji Iraianban has written this book preaching Vedanta in 25 sub Headings value of human birth true Ananda meditation self realization renunciation paths to salvation, yoga, oneness with god guru, Manthras self Consciousness, Samathi, Supreme Almighty universal University experience religions and their concepts incarnations beliefs, prayer, Originality absolute controller, universal brotherhood Divine glory athmagnana are typically explained with excellent explanation. This human birth is a dispensation and it is not fulfilled by mere food. Shelter, producing, offspring’s and, merging with death. Apart from these there is something which is divine and it should be realized while we are living on this earth and in this book the author clarifies all ideas through vast illustrations. In his foreword Swamiji exhorts all to realize the inner self and thus it is easy to attain liberation from the cycle of births and deaths. This fleshy body will perish but the soul is ever living and it is the Almighty god and he is descending as man and man has to ascend to the plane of divinity. This is the nuclear rhythm of this book. And this will assist the aspirants to saturate themselves with the ever twinkling glorious light of god. The author should be congratulated because he has dedicated his work to the universal motherhood and she is the seeable god to all. On the whole this book is a fine effort.



    The principle and motto of this Preaching Vedanta is to insist that the highest learning is that by which we should realize our inner self and thereby we can attain the Holy Kingdom of God. It is my ardent belief that this book will help the aspirants to know about the Oneness of god and the will power of human beings. It consists of the deepest wisdom of spiritually and the ideals of the greatest souls and what they stress humanity to achieve by having a human birth. How is it possible to live with full of contentment and remain as a mere witness when we are living in this world. This is the state of the Jeevan Muktha. This book shows the path to maintain ourselves with and on the plane of our consciousness and our efforts should be the promoters to uplift us to be divine. It is possible only if we are civilized in our thoughts and deeds and thus we can device a holy life. This book is for all the people beyond religions sects and creeds. It is a lamp full of divine light. Let us have a path to attain Liberation.




      Preface XV
    Chapter I Human Life 1
      Knowledge of Human life 1
      Divinity within man 3
      Who is “I” 4
      The Value of Human Birth 5
    Chapter II Goal of Life 8
      The Mistaken Notion of Happiness 8
      Realizing True Happiness 10
      Meditation as the Media 13
    Chapter III “Sat Chit Ananda” 17
      The Benefits of Meditation 17
      Equilibrium of the intellect 18
    Chapter IV Self- Realization 22
      Self- Realization 22
      Self- Realization through Meditation 23
    Chapter V The Human Body 25
      Composition A marvel! 25
      The Perfect Designer 26
      Bliss The Original State 28
      Renunciation 30
    Chapter VI “Vairagya” 33
      Characteristics of Vairagya 33
      Paths to Salvation 34
    Chapter VII Mind 37
      Discovering the Mind 37
      Nature of the Mind 40
      Power of words 41
    Chapter VIII Meditation 45
      What is Meditation? 45
      What is Love? 46
      Channelizing thoughts 47
      Control of the Mind 50
    Chapter IX Kundalini 54
      Knowing what is Kundalini! 54
      Nature of Kundalini 55
      Kundalini the divine Force 56
      Importance of a guidance Guru 58
      Not Everyone can be called Guru 59
      Process of Imitation 59
      Nature after Initiation 62
    Chapter X “Yoga” 64
      Different Yogas 64
      Samadhi what does it mean? 65
      After Awakening of Kundalini 65
      Functions of Different Nadis 67
      Three kids of Kundalini 68
      Kundalini – The Purifying Force 69
      Kundalini The Divine Energy 70
      Divine Transformation 71
      Oneness with god 73
      Dawn of Realization 74
      Kundalini through sadhanas 75
    Chapter XI “Sadhanas and Manthras” 77
      Functions of Kundalini 77
      Guru’s Guidance 78
      Kundalini through manthras 80
      Importance of Manthra chanting 81
      Power of thoughts 82
      Mind Becomes god 83
      Manthra chanting essential 85
      Manifestation of the four planes 86
      How words are formed? 86
      Enjoying real Bliss 88
      Method of Manthra chanting 90
      Faith of Manthra chanting 91
      Depth of Manthra chanting 94
      Meditation through sadhanas 95
    Chapter XII Exercises 77
      Awareness of the self 96
      Meditation not a technique 99
      Knowing the self 100
      Advanced spiritual Exercises 101
      Meditation through Manthras 103
      Meditation through Asanas 104
      Meditation through Human body 106
      Divine visions 107
      Man is god 109
      A Jeevanmuktha 110
      Motto of Meditation 110
      Purpose achieved 111
      Meditation processes 112
      A sound Body 113
      Meditation the best path 114
      The Joy of Meditation 115
      Identity lost in god 117
      Two Types of Samadhi 118
      Realization of Eternal Truth 118
      Supreme Consciousness 119
      Plane of Divine Evenness 121
    Chapter XIII “Guru” 123
      Great Truths 123
      Nothing possible without guru 124
      Identifying the Real Guru 125
      Disciples Sincerity 126
      God Descends as Guru 127
      Salient features of Guru 128
      Guru – The perfect ideal 130
      Role of Guru 132
      Guru’s Equanimity 134
      Divinely Character oriented 136
      Guru dispels ignorance 137
      Guru Unparalleled 138
      The Universal teacher 139
      Guru’s Magnanimity 141
      Man’s Narrow thinking 142
    Chapter XIV Spiritual Study 144
      Guru – A Reflector 144
      Careful Choice of Guru 145
      A Guru’s Deeds 147
      A Guru’s Mode of Life 148
      Keeping holy company 150
      The Guru A catalyst 152
      Guru A Personification of love 153
      Divine Bondage 155
      Spiritual Syllabus 158
      Self control 160
      A perfected aspirant 162
      The Sublime souls 163
      Experience the best teacher 165
      Guru is god 167
    Chapter XV Religion 170
      What is Religion? 170
      Realization a cementing force 171
      Realization by different religions 172
      Leading to the same goal 174
      God’s religion 175
      Different Religious concepts 178
      The Modern Trend 180
      Knowledge loads the mind 183
    Chapter XVI Universal Love 187
      Incarnation of god 187
      Realization through love 188
      False Beliefs 191
      The One and the same goal 193
      Universal Religion 194
      Supreme conscious energy 195
    Chapter XVII Supreme Reality 199
      Conceptions of Human Life 199
      The Finest Drama 202
      Supreme wisdom 204
      Self the adobe of god 206
    Chapter XVIII Dispensation 209
      God’s Immanent power 209
      Significance of Hindu Customs 210
      Origin and cause of action 212
      Practical Knowledge necessary 214
      Universal Realization 215
      Liberation 216
      Significance of Hindu Idols 218
      Correlation of Hindu Temple with Human Body 221
      Philosophy of Places of worship 223
      Devotion 224
      Meditation 225
    Chapter XIX Eternal Bliss 228
      Dharma 228
      Varnashramas 234
    Chapter XX Rituals 236
      Meaningful Kimbhabhisekam 236
      Man’s Unique Gifts 239
      Prayer A Necessary Instrument 240
      Test of Strength 242
      Thoughtless state is ecstasy 245
      Silent play of Lofty Thoughts 248
    Chapter XXI Civilization 251
      Thoughts Build Civilization 251
      Regaining originally 254
      Eternal Bliss through Yoga 256
      Yoga in a tree 258
      The Purging of the senses 261
    Chapter XXII Namasmaranam 265
      Easiest way to Liberation 265
      Lord’s holy names as Purifying agents 267
      The Supreme Being 269
    Chapter XXIII Solar Science 271
      God the Absolute Controller 271
      Wonders of the Universe 272
      Astrological ethics 274
      The Unseen Author 281
    Chapter XXIV Supreme Truth 271
      What the scriptures say 284
      Universal Brotherhood 290
      Elimination of Misconceptions 292
      The essence of the truth 295
      Mental and physical Soundness 295
    Chapter XXV Preaching Vedanta…! 299
      Teachings of the Vedas and Shasthras 299
      Lack of Morals and ethics 302
      The Power of Certain Manthras 305
      Variations in the path 307
      Human Birth a Boon 310
      Ignorance Primary Cause 313
      Seeking the eternal 314
      Outstanding Qualities Needed 317
      Bhakthi : The Easiest Way 322
      Performing sadhanas Always 326
      God’s Universal Love 327
      Meaning of Religion 329
      Time is Stipulated 330
      Divine Glory 332
      Athma Gnanam 333

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