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Practical Yoga Psychology

Practical Yoga Psychology

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  • Publishers: Yoga Publications Trust
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  • Dimensions:8.3' X 5.3
  • Edition:2012
  • Author:Dr. Rishi Vivekananda
  • Publisher:Yoga Publications Trust
  • ISBN:9788186336397
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:316 (Illustrated with Black and White Figures)
  • About the Author

    Dr. Rishi Vivekananda has been a physician for 45 years, and a consultant psychiatrist for 40 years. During most of that time, he has taken a keen interest in ways to integrate the ancient eastern techniques of yoga with the modern knowledge of the mind, the functioning of the body, and healing. He has also studied yoga in its role as a system of evolving the quality of the human personality.

    Since his initiation into poorna sannyasa by Swami career as a consultant psychiatrist in private practice in Australia, but between 1977 and 1886 he moved around the world as a sannyasin, especially in India and the Americas. During those years he taught and learn about the synergy between yoga and science, and has become known worldwide as a knowledgeable and informative speaker and workshop director, whose humour and ease of communication make his programs entertaining as well as enlightening. He was initiated into rishi sannyasa by Swami Niranjanananda in 1993, and since March 2002, Rishi Vivekananda has been again on a world lecture tour, currently spending three months of the year in Australia, and the rest of the time teaching in India, Europe and the Americas.

    Back of the Book

    The great mysteries in our lives are the understanding of our personality, how we relate with other people and the world around us, and our place, if any, in the vast scheme of things. The other question we face is how we can improve our personal experience and our interactions with society, so that we live a happy, harmonious and helpful life. For thousands of years yoga has been addressing these questions and supplying the answers to them.

    Practical Yoga Psychology is an attempt to simply blend the teachings of yoga with those of psychology, psychiatry and other branches of western science to give us an overview of the human personality, an idea of where we are going, and guidelines to proceed on our journey.


      Introduction 1
      Some Principles of Yoga  
    1 What is Yoga? 9
    2 The Koshas - Our Great Human Heritage 23
    3 The Chakra Systems - Centres of Unity 36
    4 The Gunas - Steps of Evolvement 43
    5 Swara Yoga - The Balance of Life 49
    6 The Mind and Personality 64
      A Yogic View of Personality and its Evolvement  
    7 Personality and the Aspects of the Chakra Systems 91
    8 Evolvement of the Aspects of the Personality 100
    9 Different Chakra Aspects Dominant in Each Individual 125
    10 A Seven Dimensional Model of the Personality 146
      The Benefits of A Yogic Lifestyle  
    11 General Lifestyle Considerations 157
    12 Raja Yoga Lifestyle Principles 173
    13 The Karma Yoga Life 188
    14 The Path of Bhakti 199
    15 Jnana Yoga in Our Life 203
    16 Physical Techniques 215
    17 Meditation Group of Practices 245
      An Overview of Yoga and our Evolvement  
    18 How Yoga Evolves Vicious Circles into Virtuous Circles 263
    19 Yogic Mechanisms of Evolvement 273
      Conclusion 290
      Glossary 295
      Bibliography 300
      References 301
      Index 303

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