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Master Strokes

Master Strokes

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  • Publishers: The Yoga Institute
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  • Dimensions:4.8' X 3.9'
  • Edition:2004
  • Author: Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
  • Publisher:The Yoga Institute
  • ISBN:8185053650
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:30
  • Foreword

    A chance remark by one of the Sadhakas from abroad why don't people ask questions during Parisanvad set the thinking process in motion. Alongwith it also started the thought of compilation of these questions.

    Then came the idea of printing a set of hundred question answers in small booklet form. Originally it was felt that this should not take more than a few months, suffice it to say that it took much much longer.

    Most of the questions have been asked to Dr. Jayadeva by the compilers, some have been asked by others during compilers presence.

    If there are any errors/ mistakes in this small work it is entirely due to our limited understanding and the blame lies squarely at our doorsteps.

    If the readers find anything worthwhile in this, it is due to Guru's wisdom and Grace.

    In case the students of the Institute have any meaningful question-answer interaction with Dr. Jayadeva/ Hansaji, the same may be forwarded to The compilers-Masters Strokes C/o the Institute for future work.




    Foreword 1
    Acceptance 3
    Body 3
    Children 5
    Desires 6
    Detachment 7
    Difficulties 7
    Dreams 8
    Duty 8
    Ego 9
    Emotions 10
    Exercise 11
    Faith 12
    God 13
    Gunas 15
    Karma 16
    Klesas 18
    Love 19
    Marriage 19
    Materialistic Culture 22
    Miracles 23
    Personality 23
    Rebirth 25
    Relaxation 25
    Sadhakas 25
    Senses 27
    Spirituality 28
    Work/ KarmaYoga 28


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