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  • Dimensions:8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
  • Edition:2017
  • Author:R. Govinda
  • Publisher:Torch Light Publishing
  • ISBN:9781937731281
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:318
  • Introduction

    Since childhood I've been hearing stories from the Mahabharata and the fascinating history of India. Based on the family of the Kauravas and the Pandavas; one party driven by greed and lust and the other filled with the values and love for the Supreme, Mahabharata is filled with stories of struggles, victory, hatred and love. In the middle of all the apparent struggles, the most important book the song of God ''Bhagavad-Gita'' is spoken, decorating the Mahabharata with verses and giving important life lessons to someone who is confused.

    I was introduced to Mahabharata at a very young age as my parents narrated it to me, and sometimes in lectures different devotees would tell some happenings from the book. The stories stuck in my mind and each time anyone narrated Mahabharata I would feel connected to it; it's a part of me, as I grew up hearing about it. Great heroes like Arjuna and Bhima were the ones I looked up to, and in my heart I never felt as if the Mahabharata happened thousands of years ago, rather I would feel it happening so close to me that I could always relate to it.

    For generations parents have been narrating these historical events to their children, and it became a habit in my own home that a bedtime story would sometimes be from the Mahabharata. My kids listened with rapt attention always eager to hear more and after relating a part I would pause and say, ''To be continued tomorrow night,'' to complaints of, ''No please tell us more!'' In an attempt to have something that not only my kids could enjoy I began penning whatever I could remember from the Mahabharata, and I discovered a huge and relishable history that can be enjoyed by all. I cannot claim full accuracy, but I've tried to stick to what I have been hearing since I was a child.

    I am very grateful to everyone who has given me these stories from my childhood - my parents, the tapes by Amala Bhakta Swami, the movies that were made on the Mahabharata, but I owe special gratitude to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedhanta Swami Prabhupada who brought this timeless knowledge and these stories from India and shared it with us exposing us to the incomparable beauty of the ancient culture of India and its literature.

    In times gone by, knowledge was passed from spiritual master to disciple through oral recitation; however, with the decrease in the ability to absorb everything, the great sage Vyasadeva began to write the Vedic narrations preserving them and allowing us get a glimpse into the vast treasure of knowledge. My narration cannot in any way compare to Vyasadeva's, but I am enthusiastic that the stories must not die with the older generations and for us to keep on passing them on so that everyone can benefit and relish the stories.

    I am writing this during the auspicious month of Purusottam and seeking the blessings of all the great saints and devotees of the Lord, I will attempt to present the Mahabharata as I’ve heard it so that this great book will always remain alive with the upcoming inquisitive generations and they will treasure it, understanding the intricate yet beautiful story of the Great Mahabharata.


    Part One Mahabharata
    Chapter 1 Maharaja Shantanu Meets Ganga the Goddess of Water 1
    Chapter 2 Birth of Devarata 5
    Chapter 3 Return of Devarata and Maharaja Shantanu Falls in Love with Satyavati the Daughter of a Fisherman 9
    Chapter 4 Devavrata Becomes Bhishma 15
    Chapter 5 Birth of the Sons of Shantanu and Maharaja Shantanu Leaves Home 21
    Chapter 6 Bhishma Kidnaps the Daughters of the King of Kashi 23
    Chapter 7 Amba's Anger 27
    Chapter 8 Death of Vicitravirya and Vyasadeva Impregnates Ambalika and Ambalika 32
    Chapter 9 Marriage of Dhritarashtra and Pandu to Gandhari, Kunti and Madri 38
    Chapter 10 Pandu Cursed and the Birth of the Pandavas 41
    Chapter 11 Death of Pandu and the Pandavas Come to Hastinapura 46
    Chapter 12 Satyavati, Ambika and Ambika Leave Hastinapura 49
    Chapter 13 Krishna 52
    Chapter 14 The Pandavas Meet the Sons of Dhritarashtra 65
    Chapter 15 The Teacher Dronacharya 69
    Chapter 16 Duryodhana Becomes Allies with Karna 76
    Chapter 17 Guru Dakshina for Dronacharya 83
    Chapter 18 Schemes of Duryodhana 90
    Chapter 19 Flames all Around 93
    Chapter 20 In the Forest 99
    Chapter 21 Bhima Shows his Strength 106
    Chapter 22 Marriage to Draupadi 112
    Chapter 23 Kunti's Words and the Pandavas Return to Hastinapura 118
    Chapter 24 The Big Fire Sacrifice - Rajausuya Yajna 123
    Chapter 25 The Dick Game 129
    Chapter 26 Exiled 139
    Chapter 27 Akshya Patra - The Magic Pot 143
    Chapter 28 Arujuna Goes to the Heavens 155
    Chapter 29 Defeated by the Gandharvas 161
    Chapter 30 The Last Year 168
    Chapter 31 The Priest with a Massage 183
    Chapter 32 Krishna Takes a Decision 188
    Chapter 33 Another Peace Messenger sent 192
    Chapter 34 Dhritarashtra Gets Good Advice 195
    Chapter 35 Kunti Meets her Son Karna 198
    Part Two The War
    Chapter 1 Kings Assemble for War 205
    Chapter 2 Blessed by his Mother 208
    Chapter 3 Battle by his Mother 212
    Chapter 4 Bhagavad-Gita - The Song of God 216
    Chapter 5 The War Beings 240
    Chapter 6 Ghatotkach the Son of Bhima 245
    Chapter 7 Krishna's Wrath 249
    Chapter 8 The Fall of the Great Hero Bhishma 255
    Chapter 9 Karna Enters the Battle and Jayadratha's Revenge 259
    Chapter 10 Krishna Saves His Devotees 265
    Chapter 11 Death of the Teacher 270
    Chapter 12 Face to Face with the Enemy 274
    Chapter 13 The Unholy Act 279
    Chapter 14 The Decendant of the Pandavas in Trouble 283
    Chapter 15 The Greatest Heo Leaves his Body 287
    Chapter 16 Vidura Instructs Dhritarashtra 290
    Glossary 293
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