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Ignite Divinity (Purushakar Parakram, Dhyan Sadhana)

Ignite Divinity (Purushakar Parakram, Dhyan Sadhana)

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  • Publishers: Notion Press
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  • Dimensions:9.00 X 6.00 inch
  • Edition:2017
  • Author:Rishi Praveen
  • Publisher:Notion Press
  • ISBN:9781946869845
  • Cover Type:PAPERBACK
  • Number of Pages:150 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
  • About the Book

    Change is the one constant.

    And change for the better is what we constantly seek.

    This change is within you and is waiting to be ignited!

    Offering you the key to open up to the inherent forces within that allow you to realize the Self, is the Purushakar Parakram Meditation.

    Holistically bringing together color, mantra and form, this book helps you to step-by-step, move forward on the path of inner evolution, allowing you to ignite your full potential.

    About the Author

    Among the charismatic and influential Jain monks of today, Upadhyay Shri Praveen Rishiji is held in high regard and esteem by the community.

    At only 16 years of age, he accepted the vows of a Jain Monk (Diksha) at the lotus feet of Acharya Shri Anandrishiji of the Shraman Sangh on 24th March 1974, at Bhusaval (Maharashtra). His naturally curious nature shaped him into a multifaceted personality. This is perhaps why his sermons attract listeners from all walks of life.

    Praveen Rishiji is known to lift the veil off the orthodox and superstitious mindset of society with his logical observations. A person only has to listen to one of his sermons to become an ardent follower.


    It was in the spring of 2010, that Pujya Upadhyaya Shri Praveen Rishiji M. S. introduced me to the wonder that is Purushakar Parakram Dhyan Sadhana. He gave me the flip book and directed me to simply look at The first image and then focus on the wall in front. I was flabbergasted at seeing the same image there. Adding to my fascination, he revealed that this was the colour of my Aura. Having spent considerable time money in getting an Aura scan in the past, I was amazed at how the results replicated themselves in a matter of seconds. My curiosity piqued, I expressed a desire to learn more. Without delving too deep, Gurudev ziucidated his aim of spreading this method of meditation across the world. He was willing to teach us, upon receiving a commitment of working towards making his dream a reality.

    So began our first teacher-training camp. With Gurudev's blessings, SD of us assembled to learn this Sadhana. From that point on, there was Do looking back. The changes that the mediation brought in me were astounding. At a physical level, I could no longer remember the low-grade fevers that had become a daily nuisance for years. At a mental lewd. I was now able to think clearly and look at the positive side of situations. At an emotional level, it brought me immense happiness. It gave me a new perspective to life, replacing the negativity within me with profound positivity. Before this, I was Prassan, only by name. Now, happiness had become an inherent part of my character. The magic experienced, his vision had now become mine.

    I set off to spread the word about this meditation - how simple, yet effective it is. It was when I started taking classes, that I realized the need for a standardised structure. In order to ensure that nothing was missed, I began compiling Gurudev's pravachans (lectures) on the subject, and also made a series of presentations, as a teaching aid. We structured the meditation into four stages, so that practitioners could experience its benefits more acutely. Discussing these with Gurudev, he saw the potential of this work being the base for a book on the topic.

    Thus began another task. Yet another path at working towards his vision. I began transcribing his lectures on the subject from 2010-2015. ills INN Then came the translation, editing, compilation, etc. This cycle of editing and revision went on. In the words of Michael Crichton, ''Books aren't written; they are rewritten.'' The book you hold in your hands is a humble, amateur attempt at capturing the essence of Purushakar Parakram Dhyan Sadhana, as given by Gurudev.

    Any discrepancies or inaccuracies - whether factual or otherwise - may have been a result of misinterpretation on my part. If brought to notice, I would be happy to rectify the same. That said, I hope you find this book lucid, yet comprehensive; this meditation method simple, yet immensely effective.

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