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  • Dimensions:8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
  • Edition:2011
  • Author:Chitralekha Singh & Prem Nath
  • Publisher:Indiana Books
  • ISBN:9788184082883
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:96 (12 B/W Illustrations)
  • About The Book

    Ganesa , one of the five brahamanical deities is the one, Whose Worship Is Foremost: First Of All, For Success, Prosperity And protection against obstacles, he is the one, whose worship is all over India in folk and urban areas, and in many places abroad.

    This book, base on authoriatative sources deals with Ganesa (Ganpati, Puliyar, Vinayaka ) in all aspects, malevolent, and benevolent as a super God. The complicated ‘Origin of Ganesa’ has been dealt with in a separate chapter. Ganesa in art forms, which are the maximum as compared to any other God. Ganesa’s interrelation with other Gods including Surya, has been mentioned and the literature of the Ganapatyas has been described Ganesa in Buddhism is a special Chapter of interest.

    This small book, which deals Ganesa; his origin and his dual functions, will be found interesting by general readers and those interested in mythology, religion, philosophy and will be of great interest to Iconographers, Archaeologists and of special interest to sculptures and painters.


    A study of the hindu Gods is as fascinating as it is difficult its mythology and religious aspects are complicated, that no one publication can claim to have covered all.

    Although Ganesa is one of the five Brahmanical deities, others being Brahma, Visnu, Siva and Devi and is revered by all folks is in villages and cities, yet the published literature on Ganesa ( Ganpati, Puliyar) is scanty Therefore a need was felt for a small handy book, like this, on this God, who must be invoked first of all others.

    The origin of Ganesa is under various concepts, which have been dealt with in his book.

    As far as possible , original literature in publications, has been consulted and quoted as foot notes, pages by page.

    We have not done more than call attention to different points in the life and functions of Ganesa , as the book is intented for the general reader, who wishes to enlarge his knowledge about this Hindu God Ganesa.

    Hinduism, the primoridial religion (sanatan Dharma) and its mythological is as complicated that none can claim to have covered all aspects, yet an attempt has been made in this book, to cover as much as could be.

    The book has been profously illustrated to show all forms of Ganesa,which are various and maximum among all the other deities. The illustrations have been taken. Mostly from Pratima Kosha and from other sources. Published and unpublished. Due acknowledgement is hereby made to these sources.

    This small book will be of great interest to readers in India and abroad, to those interested in religion mythology and philosophy, to iconographers and archaeologists and to artists (sculptors and painters).

    We are very grateful to Shri S.C. Sethi of Crest Publishing House (Jaico enterprises), who was not only cooperative, but gave us encouragement at all times.

    We are thankful to Crest Publishing House, for their perfect,beautiful and timely print out of this book.


    Ganesa , Ganpati, Vinayaka or Puliyar (South) is the most popular of the Hindu patheon. His origin is the matter of controversy, and there are numerous concepts, as are his images in sculpture, which are the maximum as compared to another God of the Brahmanical order.

    Ganesa concept has been passed through a long passage before he was recognised as supergod. It has passed through the epics and the puranas to produce Ganesa, as we see him at present. Although R’gvedic Ganpati Brahamanaspati has not been identified as one with Ganesa, yet one can extend his imagination that R’gvedic with Ganesa, yet one can extend his imagination that R’Gvedic brahamanspati concept gradually got metamorphosed into the deity Ganesa – Ganpati or Vighnesvara. He could as well be a metamorphosed from of Brahspati Marudgana described as the Children of Rudra, Having such characteristics as Vinayaka.

    Ganesa is one of the the five Brahmanical deities. He is the one, who was propitiated, sometimes or the other by B’rhma, Vishu, Siva, Krisna, Rama and even Devi. He is one who has a dual function a malevolent and benevolent, like Rudra and Siva. He vanquishes the enemies of Gods, protects the devotes and gets rid of obstacles in their right way of life. He even creates obsatavles, when necessary.

    He is the one, who has the maximum number of manifestations the forums. He is the baby of the heavens, reversed not only in Hinduis, but also in Buddhism and even in Janism literature. He is the one, who is most widely worshipped God in India, in folk as well as in sophisticated society.

    He is the one, who must be worshipped first of all since he is the lord of obstacles Viz: Vignesvara – Vighnaraja.

    Though his recognition as supergod was late, yet he is the most worshipped God at present, all over India. Without his grace, no religious rite can succeed. He is for success and prosperity.Inspite of all this, literature on Ganesa is scanty and therefore need for a small book, specifically devoted to Ganesa.


    i. Ganesa (Ganpati) 1
    ii. Sacred Literature of the Ganapatyas 4
    iii. Ganesa : A Malevolent Deity 8
    iv. Ganesa : Origin of Birth 12
    v. MahaGanpati : Exalted God Head 17
    vi. Ganesa and Female Counterparts 33
    vii. Ganesa : Mount : Rat : Elephant 42
    viii. Worship of Ganesa 48
    ix. Ganesa in Art 59
    x. Ganesa and Buddhism 75
    xi. Apostle of Wisdom 82
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