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Best of Lord Ganesha Tales

Best of Lord Ganesha Tales



  • Dimensions:9.6 inch X 6.8 inch
  • Edition:2008
  • Author:Shyam Dua
  • Publisher:Tiny Tot Publications
  • ISBN:9788130406084
  • Cover Type:Hardcover
  • Number of Pages:144 (Illustrated Throughout In Colour)
  • From the Jacket

    Lord Ganesha is worshipped as a hurdle-remover. He is called Ekadanta, Mahotkat, Vakratunda, Mahaakaaya, etc. He knocked down many demons and restored peace on earth. His several forms are described in this book.

    The language used is simple and lucid. We sincerely hope that the readers would appreciate our efforts and their faith would find further anchorage.


    From back of the Book

    From the birth of Ganesha to his appearance in different forms are narrated in these stories. Lord Ganesha took different forms and put wicked demons to death, to relieve gods, 'Yakshas' and humans form their sufferings and restored happiness, calmness and security.

    In hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is worshipped first before any other god, because he is supposed to remove all hurdles from the path of success.

    The book best of Lord Ganesha Tales aims to entertain readers as well as strengthen their faith and confidence in this deity. These stories cater to readers of all age groups. The language used in this book is simple and lucid. Eye-catching, colourful illustrations are used according to the plots which make these stories even more lively.

    We are sure that our efforts will be appreciated by all.


    Table of Contents


    1. Birth of Ganesha 5
    2. Realisation of mistake 12
    3. The Pious river Kaveri 14
    4. The carriage of Ganesha 17
    5. The marriage of lord Ganesha 21
    6. When moon was cursed 26
    7. Talasur was pardoned 29
    8. Kinlling of Sindurasur 34
    9. Ravana and Shivalinga 48
    10. Durasad turned into a statue 52
    11 A lesson was taught to Parshuram 55
    12. Incarnation of Mahotkat 57
    13. Upnayan Sanskar 66
    14. Visit to Kashi 69
    15. Killing of Narantak 76
    16. Death of devantak 83
    17. Lord Ganesha born as Vakratund 91
    18. Incarnation of Mayureshwar 98
    19. Ganesha protected his mother 106
    20. The importance of lord Ganesha 110
    21. Pride of Kuber Shattered 116
    22. Mahabharata and Ganesha 120
    23. Ganesha and Laxmi 123
    24. Lord Ganesha and Bhairav 126
    25. Protection of Yajna 132
    26. Ganesha in the form of Ekdanta 137
    27. The Punishment to demon ilwal 141

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