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  • Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)
Bala Mahabharata (For Children)

Bala Mahabharata (For Children)



  • Dimensions:8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
  • Edition:2014
  • Author:Shanti Lal Nagar and Devansh Nagar
  • Publisher:Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN:9788171104581
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:136 (5 B/W Illustrations)

  • Contents
      Adi- Parva  
    1 Benediction 1
    2 Marriage of Shantanu with Ganga 3
    3 King Shantany gets Devavrata as son 6
    4 Devavrat's terrible vow 7
    5 The prowess of Bhishma 9
    6 Summoning of Vyasa for begetting the progeny 11
    7 Marriage of Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidura 12
    8 Birth of the soms of Pandu and Dhirtarashtra; death of Pandu 16
    9 Arrival of Kunti with Pandavas in Hastinapur 19
    10 Performing of thread ceremony, their education and initiation 20
    11 Water sports of the princess at the bank of the river Ganga 21
    12 Bhima reaches in Nagaloka 21
    13 Kauravas and Pandavas are educated by Kripacharya and Dronacharya 24
    14 Devotion of Ekalavya towards this preceptor 27
    15 Test of princess in sports ground 31
    16 Crowning of Yudhishthira as the crown prince, worries of Dhritarashtra 33
    17 Escape of Pandava's from the Wax-house at Varanavata 35
    18 Crossing the Ganga by the Pandavas and killing of the demon Hindimvasura by Bhima 38
    19 Marriage of Bhima and Hidimba and birth of Ghatotkacha 41
    20 Killing of the demon Bakasura in the city of Ekachakra 43
    21 Svayamvara of Draupadi and meeting of the Pandavas with Krishna 45
    22 Meeting of Draupadi, Kunti, Shri Krishna and Nalarama 48
    23 Kauravas think of giving kingdom to Pandavas 52
    24 Construction of Indraprashtha and violation of the rule by arjuna 54
    25 Exile of Arjuna and marriage with Ulupi, Chitrangda and Subhadra 55
      Sabha- Parva  
    26 Killing of Jarasandha and the release of the captive kings 57
    27 Start of Rajasuya sacrifice and adoration of Krishna as a chief guest 60
    28 Anger of the Shisupala and his death at hands of Krishna 61
    29 Provocation of Duryodana by Shakuni- the maternal uncle 62
    30 Yudhishthria summoned to Hastinapur and defeat of Pandavas at the deceitful gambling 64
    31 Attempt at unrobing of Draupadi and Krishna saves the honour of Draupadi 65
    32 Deceitful gambling a second time and exile of Pandavas for twelve years 69
    33 Yudhishthria receives the everlasting vase in the forest 71
    34 Performing of tapas by Arjuna and his receiving of Pashupata and other weapons 72
    35 Shattering of the pride of Bhima by Hanuman 73
    36 Hospitality of Durvasa and protection of Pandavas bu Krishna 76
    37 Abduction of Draupadi by Jayadrath; recovery of Draupadi vy the Pandavs 77
    38 Grant of armour and earrings by Karna to Indra 78
      Virata- Parva  
    39 Secret dwelling of the Pandavas at Viratnagar 80
    40 Killing of Jimuta by Bhima 80
    41 killing of Kichaka by Bhima 82
    42 Attack on Viratnagar by Kauravas and their defeat 85
      Udyoga- Parva  
    43 Arrival of the rulers of the side of the Pandava at Viratnagar and dispatch of a messenger of Dhritarashtra by Drupada 88
    44 Both Arhuna and Duryodhana seek help from Krishna in the war 89
    45 Krishna arrives a messenger of Pandavas in the court of Kauravas 92
    46 Meeting of Krishna with Karna 94
    47 Kunti meets Karna who promised not to kill four of the Pandavas 95
      Bhishma- Parva  
    48 The armies of Kauravas and Pandavas arrive in the battlefield of Kurukeshtra 97
    49 Arjuna gets dis-inclined to wage the war and Krishna renders him the suitable advices 98
    50 Karma gets ready for the battle and Droncharya is declared as the chief commander of the Kaurava army 105
      Karna -Parva  
    51 Karna is declared the chief commander and the bravery of Asvatthama 112
    52 Killing of Karna at the hands of Arjuna 113
      Shalya parv  
    53 Dejection of Dhritarashtra, Kripacharya tries to persuade Duryodhans for a compromise 115
    54 Buring of Arjuna’s chariot; arrival of krishna at Hastinpur 118
    55 Lamenting of Duryodhana; aAsvtthama declred as the chief commander 120
      Sauptika -Parva  
    56 Consolation among the three charioteers and killing of the sons of Draupdai deceitfully 121
    57 Asvattham conveys the news to Duryodhana; death of Duryodhana 122
    58 Distress of the Pandavas at the death of Panchals and the sons of Draupadi 122
    59 Shri Krishna and Arjuna follow Bhima and release if Brahanastra 123
    60 Lamenting of Gandhari and pronouncing of a curse on Krishna 125
      Shanti- Parva  
    61 Crowning of Yudhishthira as the king and Vyasa's advises him on polity 128
    62 Pandavas visit Pitamaha lying over the bed of arrows 128
    63 Advice of Bhishma to Yudhishthira and meeting his death 130
      Mausala- Parva  
    64 Birth of Mausala 131
    65 Plundering of the widows of Dvarika 132
    66 The great departure 134


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