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Back -Care Through Yoga (Cervical Spondylosis and Backache)

Back -Care Through Yoga (Cervical Spondylosis and Backache)

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  • Publishers: Kaivalyadhama Samiti Lonavla
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  • Dimensions:8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
  • Edition:2016
  • Author:Shri Parmanand Aggarwal
  • Publisher:Kaivalyadhama Samiti Lonavla
  • ISBN:9788189485672
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:87 (Throughout B/W and Color Illustrations)
  • About The Author

    Shri Parmanand Aggarwal, Secretary and Office-In-Charge of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Courses of Kaivalyadhama (Mumbai), is a highly knowledgeable and experienced teacher of Yoga in all its facets. Having completed his graduation from Delhi University, Shri Aggarwal attained proficiency in Yogic knowledge from Vishwayatan Yogeshram, Katra (J and K) under the renowned Swami Dhirendra. Brahmachari and from Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla). Along with Yoga, he studied the complementary subjects of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homoeopathy. During the last 35 years, Shri Aggarwal has been teaching Yoga and has conducted several workshops and camps in India and abroad catering to health and healing through Yoga. He has been instrumental in creating a creadible platform for his fellow Yoga followers through a number of National and International Seminars and conferences on Yoga. A revered teacher and guide to his innumerable students, Shri Aggarwal has brought about a marked change in the lives of a host of renowned personalities and celebrities from all walks of life through Yoga.


    About the Book

    ‘Back care through Yoga’ is a compilation of articles and notes that provide insight into specific afflictions of the spine that can be remedied through Yoga. The book provides commentaries on the nature of various back maladies, how they occur, and how they can be treated through different Yogic methods. The author also highlights how to care for the spine during the practice of Asanas, the specific impacts of stress and anxiety on the spine, different forms of posture, and general anatomy that everyone should be cognizant of to ensure sound health of the spine.



    This text was first published by Kaivalyadhama, Mumbai, in Feb. 2012. The Text soon became out of print and hence the need of its present reprint. The text in hand is an anthological presentation of compilation of articles on the application of traditional Yogic wisdom on therapeutical lines with back-care as main concern one of the major phenomenon of modern life-style. It delineates the subject-matter so as to cover several important issues pertaining back care. The presentation is made keeping in view both educated common man and the Yoga therapist working in this field. The asana sketches and pictures go to contribute in this regard. Being a monographic work in nature on back-care it includes contributions and references from such eminent personalities as Dr. Aurther Brownstein and Dr. Pedro de Vincent and such center as best Health Library, wake Forest University which are duly referred and thanked. Several tips and suggestions towards back-care are provided which are very useful. The Compiler Shri Parmanand Aggarwalji has been very exhaustive and careful in identifying the relevant material for the compilation and hence we are thankful to him. We feel honored in expressing our gratitude towards Yoga Education Fund created in the memory of Shri Rameshwar Prasad Nevatiaji who has sponsored and supported the publication.




    Shanti Path The Peace Invocation 7
    Yoga as a Science of Health and Healing 10
    Three Components of Yogic Approach 11
    Relief from Backache Through Yoga 13
    Good and Bad Posture 15
    Ideal Alignment: Posterior View 16
    Ideal Segmental alignment: side View 17
    Deefinitions and Description of Terms 18
    Kyphosis-Lordosis Posture 19
    Sway-Back Posture 20
    Military-Type Posture 21
    Flat-Back Posture 22
    Back care during common daily activities 23
    Stress and your back 28
    Care of spine while performing Asanas 33
    Low Back Pain 51
    Exercise and back pain 55
    Put the brakes on back pain 57
    Exercise and personal habits 58
    Osteoporosis in Women 60
    Sciatica 64
    Prolapse of inter vertebral disc (slip disc) 66
    Some important considerations in the practical programme of yoga 68
    Rules to be observed during the performance 70
    Some general useful hints 71
    Some general precautions in the backcare 72
    General approach for yogic practices taught in the Arogyasharanam Workshop 73
    Breathing and Pranayama 74
    Movements and Asanas 76
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