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Autobiography of Princess (The Merchant Ivory Collection) (DVD)

Autobiography of Princess (The Merchant Ivory Collection) (DVD)

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  • Material:Madhur Jaffrey - Excel Productions Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd.(2008) - 55 mins. Approx.
  • About the DVD

    Starring :
    James Mason, Madhur Jafrrey, Keith Varnier, Diane Fletcher, Timothy BatesonJohnny Stuart, Nazrul Rahman

    Merchant Ivory Productions presents
    Director: James Ivory
    Screenplay: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
    Photography: Walter Lassally
    Editor: Humphrey Dixon
    Music: VIC Flick
    Producer: Ismail Merchant

    An Indian princess (Madhur Jaffrey), a long divorced and living in self-enforced exile in London, invites her Father’s ex-tutor, Cyril Sahib (James Mason), to an annual tea party, intended to celebrate a happier past, where the two watch old movie footage of royal India.

    The Princess reviews her memories selectively: she sees their long-vanished, fun –filled world, dominated by his dazzling father, through a haze of nostalgia, and she tries to wheedle her guest into writing a book about it. Cyril Sahib has a different view both of their common past and of her father, the Maharaja. He recalls the ceremonial occasions, the weddings and funerals, the pig-sticking expeditions, the pranks and practical jokes with distaste, even horror at the surfeit and brutality. And he remembers the dashing Maharaja – to his adoring daughter almost a surrogate lover – as manipulative and often cruel, his later years soiled y a sordid sex scandal in London.

    In this perfect, tightly written film of memory and character exploration, James Mason gives one of the finest portrayals of his career, almost a kind of valedictory performance as the articulate and self-aware Cyril Sahib. Madhur Jaffrey, a favourite Merchant Ivory actress, is no less affecting as the imperious but befuddled, and finally tragically isolated, Princess.

    Special Features:
    About the Film Autobiographies
    Short Film: Sweet Sounds
    Colour Mode: Colour
    Disc format: DVD-9
    Audio content: Dolby Digital
    Region Code: PAL
    Aspect ratio: 4:3
    Genre: Drama


    1.Opening Credits
    2.The Wrong Place
    3.Pig Sticking
    4.Through Their Eyes
    5.At The Beginning
    6.More Tea
    7.Getting Along
    8.End Credits

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