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Advaitic Sadhana (The Yoga of Direct Liberation)

Advaitic Sadhana (The Yoga of Direct Liberation)



  • Dimensions:8.50 X 5.50 inch
  • Edition:2007
  • Author:S. S. Cohen
  • Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd
  • ISBN:8120831713
  • Cover Type:HARDCOVER
  • Number of Pages:104
  • About the Book

    Advaitic Sadhana is an inspired trilogy that constitutes a thorough, practical guide on the path to Self-realisation. Book I has particular relevance to spiritual aspirants visiting Sri Ramanasramam, as it was written by the author in the 1940s for the sole purpose of making their visits meaningful. It throws much light on the practice of sadhana, especially meditation, and the insights and guidelines presented are as applicable now as when they were written.

    Book II contains the well known Mandukya Upanisad with brief notes. This Upanisad is said to offer the briefest, clearest, and most practical study of the nature of man, or Atman (Self). Atma Bodha of Book III was composed by Acarya Sankara, the greatest expounder of the Upanisads. In sixty-eight short stanzas the celebrated author delivers the cream of Vedanta.


    This essay was drafted many years ago, when theauthor was residing in Sri Ramanasramam atTiruvannamalai in the gracious presence of his Master,Sri Ramana Maharshi, where many foreigners used toflock on short visits. He used to watch their comingsand goings and the haste with which most of themexpected to pluck the plum of Self-realisation, immediateapprehension of the Reality, before even grasping theelementary principles of the Master’s teaching or theVedantic truth. It is especially for their benefit that thistreatise has been written.

    The term ''Direct Liberation'' used in the subtitleseeks, as in the Bhdgavata Purdna, to distinguish the''direct'' path of the Jidna Marga (the path of immediateknowledge), whereby Liberation is gained and theessence of bliss tasted by the Paramahamsas in thisvery life, from the ''indirect'' path, which is said to takeseveral million years spent in a disembodied state bythe Hamsas in a number of subtle spheres and resultsfrom the practice of prandydma (breathing exercises),ritualistic and devotional worship (updsanda), etc.


    This book is a small trilogy on the science of Self-knowledge, a science which has been from timeimmemorial inculcated in this country by the greatVedantic Masters to those who sat at their feet, seekingrelease from the misery of birth and death and succeeded.Its greatest exponent in our own age, who lived morethen half a century in our midst, was the celebrated sageRamana of Arunachala, who left behind him acompendious literature which benefited thousands oftruth seekers all the world over and led a number ofthem to final and complete Emancipation.

    The trilogy consists of (1) Advaitic Sadhana or theYoga of Direct Liberation,which throws much light onthe practice of sddhand, especially meditation, (2) Thewell known Mandiikya Upanisad with brief notes and(3) Atma Bodha of Sankara, the greatest expounder ofthe Upanisads, with simple comments bringing out themeaning of the stanzas, in simple language, comprehensible even to foreign beginners.

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