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A Space Of Her Own: Personal Narratives of Twelve Women

A Space Of Her Own: Personal Narratives of Twelve Women

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  • Publishers: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Dimensions:8.5' X 5.5'
  • Edition:2005
  • Author:Ed. By. Leela Gulati, Jasodhara Bagchi
  • Publisher:Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN:0761933158
  • Cover Type:Paperback
  • Number of Pages:275
  • From the Jacket:

    Several Books have been written about the position of women in India's patriarchal society. This collection of twelve narratives, however, focuses not so much on women's subservient position vis-à-vis men, but on women's relations with each other. With the authors locating their personal struggles within those of three generations of women in their families, these narratives span a period of over 100 years, and intersect both the private and public domains.

    Reflecting on the emotional lines of matriliny within the social structure of patriliny, each narrative in A Space of Her Own is a tale of how the author fought to establish her own personhood and create a sphere of autonomy where she is able to make decisions to nature herself and those around her. Four themes emerge prominently from these narratives:

    • The role of renegade predecessors in the family who set out a pattern of independence that paved the way for, or inspired, the author.
    • The presence of mothers or grandmothers who came forward in situations of stress to exhibit unforeseen strengths; and mothers whose demand for personal space remained unfulfilled, but which became a source of determination for the author.
    • The stories of obstacles overcome - the biggest of which is being born female in a culture that denigrates, distrusts, and ultimately fears women.
    • The effects of external social change which, along with internal family dynamics, made the authors who they are today.

    It is stories such as these, the editors argue, which repeated over generations will inspire women to live with dignity and to create and defend lives for themselves, their families, and the women who follow them. Powerful and moving, these narratives will interest students and scholars in the fields of women's studies and culture studies, while being widely welcomed by feminists, activists and anyone interested in the status of women in India.

    About the Author:

    Leela Gulati works on the issues of women, work and poverty, and has used the tools of the anthropologist to understand economic questions. In recent years she has been interested in studying the effects of Asian labour migration, both on women who stay behind and on those who migrate.

    Jasodhara Bagchi is Chaiperson, West Bengal Commission for Women, and Founder Director of the School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University.




    Carolyn M. Elliott
    1. The Wind Beneath My Wings
    Nabaneeta Dev Sen
    2. A Heritage of Heresy within Tradition
    Vina Mazumdar
    3. A Daughter of Awadh
    Zarina Bhatty
    4. A Struggle for Space
    Hema Sundaram
    5. The Tyranny of Tradition
    Leela Galati
    6. Wings Come to Those Who Fly
    Maithreyi Krishna Raj
    7. The Times that are a-Changing
    Priti T. Desai
    8. Uneven Earth and Open Sky
    Saroja Kamakshi
    9. Abode of Colour
    Vijaya Mehta
    10. Striking New Roots
    Sushil Narulla
    11. Matriliny within Patriliny
    Jasodhara Bagchi
    12. Three Generations of Women
    Mary Roy
    Afterword: The Colonised Coloniser
    Arlie Hochschild
    Select Bibliography 265
    About the Editors and Contributors 271

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