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Living the Full Life: 50 Instructions from the Mahabharata

Living the Full Life: 50 Instructions from the Mahabharata

Then Bhishma ended his discourse with the following words: "It is good conduct which leads to prosperity, enhances fame, increases the lifespan and destroys anything that is inauspicious. Good conduct is the birthplace of dharma and dharma increases the lifespan. Above I have enumerated to you the nuances of good conduct. It was Brahma Ji himself who first gave this discourse on good conduct out of compassion towards the people of all varnas."

(The detailed treatment of this specific dialogue can be found in the Mahabharata, Anushasan Parva, Chapter 104 Gita Press edition; and Chapter 1788 (107) of the Penguin edition).

by Exotic India on August 18, 2020
Understanding Dharma: The Four Authentic Sources

Understanding Dharma: The Four Authentic Sources

Whether our goal in life be material prosperity or Moksha, the way lies through Dharma. However, most of the time, let alone follow it, we are not even sure about what our Dharma is, or even how we can come to know about it.

While it is generally known that Dharma has to be understood from the Shastras, due to their almost endless variety and diversity we are unable to get a clear and unambiguous picture of Dharma. However, when we understand that the sources of Dharma have been systematically divided into four simple categories, following a certain hierarchical structure, then not only does it become easier to understand what our Dharma is in a particular situation, but also makes it possible for us to live our life in accordance with it.

by Exotic India on June 07, 2020
Sita - The Silent Power of Suffering and Sacrifice

Sita - The Silent Power of Suffering and Sacrifice

All versions of the Ramayana are unanimous in reiterating Sita Ji's fidelity and devotion towards Rama even in times of extreme adversity. For example, when Shri Rama is preparing to go to exile in the forest all alone, she addresses him thus: "O son of an illustrious monarch, a father, a mother, a brother, a son or a daughter-in-law, all enjoy the fruit of their karma individually and receive what is their due. It is only the wife who actually shares the fortunes of her husband. When you depart this day for the dense forests which are difficult to penetrate, I shall walk ahead of you crushing under my feet, all the thorns that lie on your way."

This is just one of the many expressions Sita used to convince Shri Rama to take her with him. She considered it her privilege to share in his misfortune and suffered the consequent trials and tribulations in equal measure throughout their sojourn in the forest. However, being exiled in the forests was the least of her troubles.

by Exotic India on May 28, 2020
Dharma: The Only Remedy for Modern Man

Dharma: The Only Remedy for Modern Man

Except when in sleep, we are always in ceaseless activity. No one spends even a single moment without doing some action or the other (Gita 3.5). This action may be physical or mental. Why do we act like this even without a moment’s respite? If we closely watch ourselves, we can see our purpose: we are seeking happiness. We sit erect for happiness, change our posture for happiness, we eat for happiness, we fast for happiness, we marry or we are celibate, we seek company or solitude, all for happiness. In this way, happiness is the general goal of all activity and inactivity.
by Exotic India on April 07, 2020
Ananda: Analysis of Happiness in the Upanishads

Ananda: Analysis of Happiness in the Upanishads

According to the Upanishads, the happiness experienced by us during deep sleep is ParamAnanda (the highest happiness possible). There is no happiness equal to it and certainly not greater than it. In deep sleep we are alone, nobody is different from us, hence, in this state, we are free from fear. In deep sleep the individual soul (jiva) merges into the supreme soul (Param Atman). This is the highest destination for the individual soul, his highest treasure, his highest world.

It is difficult for people to understand this description of deep sleep given by the Upanishads. They have no faith in these words and because the happiness of deep sleep is got without any effort it is taken very lightly. 

by Exotic India on March 07, 2020

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